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  1. ????? r u saying that i was lying this is lord now and really no ok if thats what ur saying then your not my friend
  2. giving my account to my bro he will use this psn for dd sadly he needs to srat over and his other one for mw3 bl2 and other stuff s if you hos friend add this psn see yall in the future he will be using this forum account to
  3. made my day ima read this alot thanks
  4. join ps3 theres no hackersyea but lots of dupers
  5. armor does sound good but with levels ranging from 74 to 90 it couldnt be fair to everybody, unless it was like 120^ for level 83. but there would be that small percentage of players who would get mad no matter what they handed out! LOLi think we could get armor thats like 100^s and stuff but like all stats being +70
  6. here in so cal theres just summer and winter???????????
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