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  1. the only way possible to get 254^ armor is with modded weapons and armor on mixed mode nightmare hardcore mistymire... did this on LOCAL btw, so dont come at me
  2. so.... * Added "Q" key to toggle "Front View" mode where you can view the front of your character and rotate around them for tasty pics* i can see where this one will go *wife walks in* OH SH*T I WAS JUST...
  3. noone PvP's because there is no reward to put our hands on
  4. New Years bump (2012 WORLD GONNA END AUUUUUGH) dont be afraid, if it comes it comes. also a free bump
  5. I need help finishing Insane Zippy Terror, its my last challenge I need for my achievement so if anyone is able to help me. Add me on steam - id = rjack10 make a public match, name it "Insane Zippy LF DPS", kick anyone who isnt a hunter/huntress with a maxed out animus. once you have 4 ranged heroes with animuses it should be real easy, just watch the 4 ways to get to the crystals.
  6. So this is probably a stupid question but can you change costumes in game with out making a new character? Yes, click Ranked/Open/Local. Before you enter game click hero you want, then click "Edit Hero/Crystal" a character menu should pop up with your hero in current outfit/color. There will be a left/right arrow, allowing you to change to a costume you have unlocked. Hope i helped
  7. HC but not MM, I'd say >wave 25. Someone has to have noticed these crazy stat godly weapons lol :D could you tell me the strat you used to get wave 25+ i found the axe called spider cleaver or w/e looks like a box monster with teeth, 1/1^ and 360 stats. this was wave 10 on mistymire nightmare
  8. Aight, guess I will start farming MM NM Mission, cant finish the boss yet, but have no problems getting to it :P yeah, you will probably have trouble with the nightmare mistymire boss. i stopped doing localy mixed mode hardcore nightmare mistymire survival a while ago, ran on 3 squires with fairies. i can tell you i found about 5 ice swords in about 38 runs (12^, 38^, 251^, 177^, 184^) they upgrade roughly the same as a katana, highest base i obtained had a base damage of 2,018 (12^ one)
  9. Could you you please raise the sell cap in shops on items? I had a lobby tonight that was full and were all asking that it should be raised, and im sure there are more out there. I know there has to be a GUI change but i dont think that would be an issue. Maybe just another 100 million or so, that would surfice. the only way around this is to display the 100M+ items on the tavern floor, have the buyer trade you 200m till it meets the price your looking for and trade the item with the last 200m trade.
  10. dungeon defenders was promised, where are it at o.o..., i saw it announced. was hoping for a japan launch but sadly no ! it is nawt here yet please let the community know when we can get our paws on it when it does come out please make a thread on its performance, i am always at work and my iphone handles the mobile version pretty poorly. if the ps vita is golden with dungeon defenders it might be my next purchase
  11. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/249/87888335.png/ i have seen alot of pets selling in Tarven for 10mana First time, an animus for 10mana with 63^ lol yeah its an odd bug, good for you though :)
  12. Well can't gear drop with 30% resistance already? negative, infact i spend maybe 80 upgrades to get nightmare spec resistances on my armor
  13. All looks fine. Wtb this gun. i recommend a gun with more then 3 shots per second.
  14. guys halloween spook also drops these blades, although not as good in quality as mistymire forest
  15. i got a monk weapon (those spider legs model) with 7k base dmg, +429 hero dmg, 200+ups. from a chest. would like a screenie of this if possible
  16. Theres a flaw in a games design when players find the best strategy for dealing with spiders in surv, is to (ab)use the invulnerability from respawn, to repair your towers. Towers simply dont do enough for solo play. Spiders are terribly designed, just like DEWs were a few patches ago. Crutch difficulty is a crutch. i never noticed the invulnerability, because it seems when i respawn in a sea of spiders i die immediately.
  17. I find towers more useful in nightmare than insane, due to the higher dps in proportion to what you're getting elsewhere. Positioning is way more critical though, you can't just chuck them down wildly. On survival, honestly, spiders aren't even that big a deal past the first 10 waves, because like all other spawns in survival, they get clustered, where one spawn goes nuts all at once. If there's nothing but spiders, there's not much threat from elsewhere. That said, its absolutely awful if you're doing hardcore as its hard to not die to 40 spiders at once, but respawning on a tight map like
  18. Ah it was supposed to be a quick exaggeration, I'm not a math guy, nor claiming to be lol. your exaggeration is pretty close to what the OP's described weapon was, my apologies! 1320 * 48 = 63660 (and 5000 base is the staff....)
  19. YES! I have a huntress minigun with +106 to ALL STATS I was like... wow this gun doesn't look right, even had 700 ammo, 114 reload speed, a pretty high base and like 10k projectile speed with 240 or 250 upgrades or something like that I was like whatever, it came out of this chest! edit: Maybe we've found a bug with this gun? i got a 104 all stat minigun from a chest in UMF2 and i'd say its the best traptress gun ever, although i doubted people would believe it was legitimate before i whipped out a 98 all stat 68 all stat.... so on. a 360 staff would probably be probable in a
  20. Drops in misty seem to be going over the cap though and they arent going negative from what i seen on other threats however having a giff with 400 on all stats sounds hack since they all are on the positive from the way you say it. Usually those items the go over the cap will have a couple of stats the are on the negatives. ill have to do a couple more runs locally, i have yet to see any item over 360 stat yeah the giraffe is very very fishy to me
  21. Items can pass 360 stat as guardians can pass 20 boost unless of course they are imitating overflow in their code. but 400 in each stat? unless he is playing open/local, i doubt his giraffe is legitimate. im just stating what i have seen as the "best" and "legitimate", if this is legit i would consider posting it on that Nightmare perfect loot compendium thread.
  22. its the most pay to win thing that could be done, short of giving him a physical lightning aura/ fireball tower, low du versions of blade barrier and a some really op 4th tower the barbarian will probably come with a map unique to his fierce nature, and special mobs that only drop his weapons. for an OP tower, just make a tower that shoots webs at mobs, see how they fare since they cannot dodge. lets see a barbarian that will make totems that grant boosts to other towers, granting towers damage on a scale of dmg = % of mob's HP, and have little guardians that walk around it (like a d
  23. I seen a guy with a lvl 249 giraffe with all four hero and tower bonuses at 400 and his giraffe was at lvl 1 of 249. I have only been able to get a giraffe in the 70s and the stats where nothing too great. I strongly prefer one of mu robots who is in the 120s. Sadly I didn't take a screenshot of this item. Just looked fishy and at the time I was a little naive and just took him at his word. your looking at a hacked/modded pet. items cant pass the 360 limit, doing so will make them in the negatives... noone can beat nightmare/ mistymire hardcore survival, even with the gear from it.
  24. i'd like to understand where you get this fantasy of the web immune barbarian from..
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