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  1. Hey man, Sorry to hear you're not doing so well and going to take a break. Glad that you're taking the steps to get better and back on track. Thanks for the trading and the times we've played together - I'll keep trying for that ult seahorse ;) You are a genuinely nice person and I hope you'll come back soon. Best of luck! 1. Rainmaker 2. Magicite 3. Gaias Last Gift
  2. I'll take the ult+ pristine boots please
  3. Lol maybe you don't This worked perfectly for me. Primary attack is bound to " / " for all emulated characters. Secondary attack is bound to "F5" but only for the first emulated character (F6). The bindings can be changed in x360kb.ini x:: { Sendinput, {F5 down} Return }
  4. AHK Script below, 'x' is the key you press to activate the script. 'y' is the button you want to hold/toggle. To toggle it back off press 'y'. x:: { Sendinput, {y down} Return }
  5. I can take the 304 mail boots for 4 coal
  6. 356^ plate chest & 306^ plate boots please, 1cv each
  7. 1 cv for 366 plate chest
  8. Chrriiis


    2 cv 399 mail mask
  9. Cool contest, thanks! https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chrris/
  10. I'll take the 308^ mail gloves please
  11. Auctioning these Ult++ pristine gloves. Accepting cubes, events, diamonds (5/10/15). Auction will end 01/05/19 IC below. C/O: Sybreed - 38 cv (Groovy +8 cv)
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