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  1. Is there an in game way to tell that Mista Mine is meant to lower your movement speed and what stats do/effect? Like a setting that turns on proper tooltips? Because atm I had a Mista Mine on and nothing on the item says it does anything but bonus stats so I had no idea why I was moving slow...as well as nothing in game says what agility does or what casting does or any other stats......
  2. Items are still on the ground so i'm kinda worried they aren't being looted even though chat window says i'm looting items each wave
  3. 1333x768 makes the game look like crap but it's the only option for windowed fullscreen :( I have a 1080Ti and 2 x 1440p monitors and on both fullscreen and windowed modes there are alot of resolution options but the moment I swap to windowed fullscreen I only have the one option :( Sadly alt tabbing from fullscreen take ages and the game stops responding alot when minimised :(
  4. My deck is 329 right now and I can't see any way forward :( if I try and join adventures I end up alone and if I go to advanced and look for active games it appears to only have 1 or 2 games. What i'm seeing looks to be a dead game noone plays? All the gear I have that can be leveled is.
  5. Hmm my deck is only 249 and the first wave of any adventure or level 1 onslaught they tear through my barriers in seconds and I lose with me frantically trying to repair and dps and all that :( not sure what's wrong.
  6. I'd google it but every time I go to a thread on the forums via the links on google I get redirected to the stupid "Welcome to the New Forums - PLEASE READ" page every time so I don't get to the posts i'm finding on google -_- So I beat the Betsy dragon thing and unsure how to tell if my gear is ok for the next step and also what my next step should be? Theres these adventures but theres alot of options in there and idk if my gear is ok or what. Plus in DD1 you joined multiplayer and got insta kicked before you could even load in just about every time because people we
  7. Think they will ever be bothered updating it?
  8. I can see 7.20 from yesterday right now, however 7.21 has been already added. In recent news when you select game in your library?
  9. Steam news has the newest news as 7.11 patch notes on 24/11/2011 Why? The news used to get updated with each patch notes and now it seems the Devs got too lazy to bother updating it?
  10. Thx for all the replys guys. One thing I have been wondering is are all the maps in this game meant to be able to be solo'd if you know how to set up your stuff and have one of each hero you can swap in and out of? Reason I ask is the enemies get harder per player that joins from what i've seen which would seem to imply it.
  11. Hi I am a squire and alot of my points are in my own damage and some in towers and I was kind of wondering whats the best way to level and/or farm mana easy solo? I believe I am 35ish atm. Oh also same question on 31 huntress :) pretty much all my points on huntress are in my own weapons damage cause traps kinda sucked at the low levels.
  12. I hit quick match and am forcibly removed about half a second into loading lol
  13. Every time I hit quick match I get a message "you have been forcibly removed" before I even load up fully. Is this game that crap that it bugs out every time ya try to join a game? Happened at least 20 times in a row now.........
  14. Ok i'm new just got game on my samsung galaxy tab and every time I join a game I get forcibly removed/kicked...... How the hell are you meant to level and play if just cause your level 0 or 1 noone will let you play???
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