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  1. johnno nothing was about you.. I dont care where someone get some wealth. This is far away from our original discussion between articuno and me. But everybody must react. If you will read it carefully you will realize, that nothing was against you.
  2. I sincerely apologize for derailing this thread, but I think that as a community, we need to impress upon the forum mods that they need to take action against alltracboy, all he does is flame and flame and flame. He runs a more than likely illegitimate raffle, he gets cubes from seemingly nowhere and I highly doubt he is clean. This guy is the epitome of what the forums mods should be banning. I know it's not my job to tell them what to do, but if they're going to ban ygk and Finland, people who legitimately contribute to the forums, then why in the seven hells has alltracboy not been banned? While this may indeed get me an infraction or ban (Sorry TitoDaddy or any other mods), I want to just put across that I am sick and tired of watching alltracboy spread his stupidity across every thread in this forum. From being full on ignorant of items values, to telling the map maker they did a bad job. alltracboy needs to be gone. If this post results in my being banned from the forums, goodbye wonderful people. You can still catch me in the IC and Trade chat, I won't be quitting, but I'll obviously not be allowed on the forums anymore. I also apologize to eagle for derailing his thread and having nothing to do with his nice bunch of cubes, diamonds and armor that he can give away to the community. If I get my cubes for nowhere, where it get players with 300+ cubes? I am strictly against hacker and that it the reason why I post such negative comments. Trendy staff are welcome at my account.. I have nothing to hide. You agree with your post with hacking.. bravo. Want you to ban people just because you dont like truth? How old are you? 1, I dont make raffle.. it was yk and someone near him. 2, I am telling map maker.... lol.. I wrote my opinion to one stupid map and now I telling it about every map? try to collect some facts before you post things like this.
  3. I will not react for your last post.. it is nice if you can excuse yourself. I just want to know what you expecting from trading any item in the game? [QUOTE]If I put my Earths up for auction, and the final bid was 10 ++sets, from even the most trusted player. Earths are much more precious than any amount of hacked ++sets, no thanks. [/QUOTE] What is the most safest currency? What it the reason to sell something if you already know that valuable items are fishy? what is the difference between ult++ sets ,cubes or diamonds from the most trusted player? Probably none, because chance to get 10ult++ sets is the same as get 70+ diamonds if you like trading. Who tell that fresh farmed ult++ must be sold for 50+ cubes? Because nothing here have real prize and you got it with your post.
  4. new players come every day.. maybe someone want to play something that still working... I understand that nobody want collect coal for raffle and move it between many accounts for free.
  5. random.org+livestream. We are doing it once a week in our streamgroup and we are selling 200+ coaltickets every "lottery". Its not that hard... you did everything like people want, but you raffle is dead as well. So I can say now- problem is not with thrust :D Btw. our system is still working.. numbers are drawn everyday and will until we sitting near PC.
  6. alltracboy http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198017280994 loki http://steamcommunity.com/id/lokator82
  7. I have enough cubes to run lottery with cubes too.
  8. But anyway, BEST challenge is game using just basic 4 characters :D (+EV.. we love our nerves)
  9. most builds today need huntress, monk, EV and summoner. from DLC, lab assault is most farmed these days. So you will need summoner, EV and lab assault DLC. OR wait some time for bundle.
  10. I know that replica challenge was canceled due to low participation (rule n.6) , but I really want to see acepoes steam saw. My Isom was made just for your fun after glass of vine :D . At beginning I want to make bonesword, but things goes different way.
  11. We dont make raffle. we make lottery. raffle is so short term game. Our lottery is dead, but only symbolically. Because it cant die until we are near PC. This is main advantage of this system. Because our numbers are already set, you can post your numbers anytime and we can proceed lottery anytime too. Because your numbers will get timestamps. you must understand one thing.. nobody will play it even we do all changes that people want. Why? just because me, and probably there are not enough players. we dont have advertisement. that is all.. here at the forum is maybe 50 active players.. and they dont like lotteries.. that is all. they dont like creative contests too as we can see. As you wrote, there are no problem with system, because nobody dont understand it, but in community.. people just dont need coal. And if yes, it is too risky to gain some. [QUOTE]Sure it works, but mainly in your favor because you don't care about what people think so it is obvious the raffle will mainly work for you[/QUOTE] http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?102730-quot-Beat-the-ICL-quot-Open-discussion&p=911510&viewfull=1[[4131,hashtags]]
  12. so if only our profit is main problem :D Look you can still spend something at "raffle" if it is still alive.IC team run it without profit. I can do it without profit too, but you will only win the pot from real players. I want see your face if you win 1st prize and get only 3 coals because only 2 more players will play. But now you can win 77coals and 20 cubes + some jackpot coal (12 maybe).. it is pretty big win for 1 coal. Or not?
  13. Of course you care if we like you and your raffle... You set it up to do very little to make money. Its straight forward. You make more money the more people buy tickets... :D yea.. it is made for gain.. long term, but gain.. you could win 1 prize with 1 coal and run away.. chance is just 330/1 but it is. ask ezelking who much he won at our lottery and how much at YK raffle :D and what was more fun for him. I hope our lottery. I really dont care.. if nobody will play..because we can draw numbers every month ant it will be the same as drawing it every day. if somebody will buy ticket, we have not problem proceed lottery when he post his bid. I have a lot of cubes, coal and event items.. and I have no use for it. So why you thinking that some more coal will make me happy? I will be happy if someone win 1 prize. I can give 1B ticket to everybody for free.. 10x will you play if you will have tickets for free? i dont think so..
  14. You say I repeat myself, yet you give me no response to respond differently to. If you didn't want everyone's opinions then shouldn't have made the same thread twice. Really did you think people would buy it second time around when you've done nothing to change it the first time? Also, i don't see how you constantly bring up hackers and scammers has any relevance to this thread at all, as I thought you made this with the intention of people trusting you more. Goodluck I guess :) It was not "tell us your opinion", because we dont care your opinion..it was " beat ICL" for chance to win some cubes for you.. Your goal was find weak point of this lottery.. how we can scam people. And NOBODY was beat ICL yet. Anyway my English is not good enough to explain things I have in my head. And this thread is just open discussion about our lottery security.. everybody can learn new things here and show us some weakness. Because This system we can use for many others things, almost for every game currency , or ....
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