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  1. I think the xp, deck, and progression are good as they stand; I would not change anything. I did notice yesterday that my deck got 0 xp for a run. Every hero in it was level 100. I thought previously that xp above level 100 was tracked?
  2. Yes, I've been experiencing this since the end of July and I've had no success whatsoever in getting any traction in getting it resolved. I owe Phillip a video of it happening, which I cannot seem to get from my phone to the forums successfully. You have my full support in doing whatever we need to do to get this resolved. I love Glitterhelm and have not been able to play it for more than a month.
  3. I like that I’m forced to quickly decide what to do with them, and that leaving them alone is an option. An option with negative consequences, but an option nonetheless. If players had no choice but to kill them, I would like them a lot less than I do. I like how hard they hit, and I like that reflect beams can be used to mitigate that. I think there should be an achievement for killing 10,000 of them. Yes, I said 10,000. I’d like to see their presence in the game become part of the ongoing storyline later on. It would be cool (to me) if at some point down the road, we learn that Sirens are just the corrupted victims of DDA’s endgame villain, and that she is somehow rescued by our heroes and unlocked as a playable character (the Gunwitch is the first thing that comes to mind) after beating the endgame content. I agree in fundamental concept with everything stated by the OP. I think that a fun way to counteract those instances where you get ogre DPS sponges and make the DPS apprentice viable again would be to have one (I mean it, just one) weapon that can be upgraded in fire and poison and electric at the same time (not physical too, that seems too overpowered). I would make that an apprentice-only (sorry EV, you can’t have it) staff similar to the old Oculus of the Genie King. 6 projectiles, tight pattern, a Siren-hunting machine. The one thing I’d have done differently is that I would have limited the number of sirens that appear in any given wave, and I would have bumped up their health significantly as waves pass in survival, for example. The spawning of each one should remain special, something to pay attention to and think about. For me the best way to do that is have fewer of them, but they then have more health and do more damage. Overall, I like it. I like the 1.1 content in general. I’m now newly-motivated again to get my team to level 90 so I can start making a real dent in massacre. I’ve played… oh, dear. That can’t be right. … 74 hours in the last 2 weeks? Great question!
  4. So, while I was able to finish Glitterhelm successfully on August 1 (based on the post above), I find that coming back to it now, I cannot finish wave 2 on campaign, survival, mix mode, or pure strat (nightmare in all cases). The wave just keeps going, with a number of enemies yet to spawn that never do. I've reported the bug, but am I the only one experiencing this? Surely if everyone else was, the issue would be more widely known. I don't see anyone anywhere talking about it but me.
  5. Interesting. I still think a Prom Giraffe is a good thing to farm, and bear in mind that I started playing from scratch after the full release came out, so despite my 600-ish hours, my team is currently only level 83-88. I personally have run it several times in the last few days to test the chicken wire beam and to grab a couple of decent (140-160^) giraffes. I have always (and still) find the Summit to be much, much more difficult than Prom. Maybe I need to work on my build. :)
  6. Promenade NMHC Survival was too easy and we all know it. You shouldn't be able to get what was at the time the 3rd best giraffe in the game as easily as we were all doing it. The reduction in DU is perfectly appropriate; we were all overdefending it anyway, to AFK it. Everyone liked it because it was good loot, super easy. I'm not on board with the notion that we deserve better loot because it's more difficult now; it was far too easy to begin with. Just cut back to a blockade, gas/explode, & strength drain at each spawn with 5 overclocked DSTs in the nest, and use what's left over as you like. It's still fairly easy with either a DPS huntress or a tower boost monk. Would I have liked to have been told that this was happening? Sure, I suppose so. But I'm not going to start calling the Dev Team's parents over it.
  7. I've tried to play Glitterhelm on Nightmare three separate times today and each time, wave 2 never ends. There are 12 enemies left on the counter, but they never spawn. Nothing on the tac map, nothing to be found anywhere, and the wave just doesn't end. I let it go for 7 minutes this most recent time. Anyone else experiencing this? I haven't put in a bug report yet, but will soon.
  8. This is good analysis. It's not what I want to hear, but it's good analysis nonetheless. Anecdotally, I'm hoping that as patches are released and progress is made, the player base (which I consider to be very loyal) will keep an ear out, learn of the progress, and return to play (with wallets open when DLC is ready). Ideally, enhancements in the next few months will make them glad they did. It's true that I stopped playing for nearly all of July, but the itch did return. Of course I had to contrive a fun way to re-engage (I deleted my legacy characters and started from the beginning) and I'm not expecting others to do the same. But I do hope that by the time my new team is level 100 and new challenges to conquer get harder to find (does that happen? Is there massacre gear good enough to make all the maps reasonable to beat for a solo player?) that there will also be a reliable schedule for new content. It feels to me like the best step into the future for DDA is the publication of SDK. I don't think I've seen any reference to that anywhere. I would think that should be part of the plan?
  9. I like the discussion. Previously I wondered whether the inclusion of new character classes would make the existing ones less viable. In the EV's case, it seems as if it will help restore some viability of apprentices and squires in the build, which is a good outcome. The meta will evolve, and likely in ways that are hard to foresee by the development team. But to make squire and apprentice towers viable on nightmare/massacre would be very good. ...now if we only had time to build them. :)
  10. It was in the DLC and Future thread. Upset is the wrong word. And in fact, I misread what you said in the context of the question you were asked. My fault! Thanks for all the rest of your responses, I do appreciate them all!
  11. I played DDA again for the first time in about a month this weekend and it was fun. It was fun because I deleted my team of level 100s, all my gear, and started again. I suspected when I moved my team over from legacy that the game would no longer be fun, and I was right. I’m not sure why I thought that and I’m not entirely sure why was true for me, but my desire to play evaporated at the inauspicious launch. …honestly it might be related to campaign build timers on Massacre, see below. 😊 So in an effort to reignite my interest, I started up the team fresh with nothing but the generous 35 billion gold from the legacy transfer and all the maps unlocked. I really enjoyed the progression. Just as much as I had the first time (the first DDA time). I played the Deeper Well on medium, then hard, then beat the campaign on hard (losing at the Ramparts several times and the Summit twice along the way) and then Insane, where we're currently stuck on Glitterhelm. Seeing my team establish and keep a nice distance between their levels and the recommended levels we were beating was gratifying, and though the slog for even mediocre gear was more grindy and with fewer “Oh, nice, I can really use that!” moments than I’d have wanted (especially after beating the Demon Lord to find that the reward weapon wasn’t as good as something I found lying around on the ground on the next map), it was enough fun to fill 16 hours from Friday through yesterday, and I don’t regret a single moment. The team is currently level 48-58, and we really have no answer for multiple 650k ogres @ Glitterhelm on Insane. So I’ll probably take some time out from my Campaign-exclusive run and grind some xp and gear the next few times I play. I’m looking forward to it. I wanted to share some thoughts with you all while they were fresh in my mind. I speak solely for myself about all of the following items. Feel free to agree, disagree, or ignore as you see fit. 😊 The Chromatic Roadmap is a bit of a disappointment. Not that the items on it don’t have merit, but the glaring lack of a new map sticks out like a sore thumb. Unless it’s being kept under wraps (which is a bad idea) or the vague “Moon” reference refers to a new map, there appear to be no plans for new maps or story progression. I get that the game wasn’t complete at launch, but I’d much rather have a new map, never seen before in any DD game, than literally anything on the roadmap except for controller support. It’s complete absence from the roadmap is unsettling. If I were the business manager @ Chromatic, I would double-down on making this game as awesome as DD1 was and make no mention whatsoever of any futuristic thoughts that could deter people from considering this game to be the franchise for years to come. Just the notion that a Chromatic staff person mentioned DD3 earlier today on these forums makes me queasy. If DDA turns out to be a transitional step between DD2 and DD3, then sure, let it play out that way. But a lot of good and uncertain things have to happen on the business side for it to turn out that way, and I wouldn't make a habit of mentioning it. Anything that calls Chromatic's commitment to or focus on this game into question will just cause uncertainty to players about whether it's worth their time. It's true that Chromatic is not Trendy. It's also true that my ex-wife at age 47 is not the same person as she was at age 25. That does not change the fact that lots and lots of promises were made and broken. People don't forget that. Chromatic needs to be careful about allowing new character classes to break the existing maps’ challenge/fun/progression. If the Series EV (or worse, the Summoner) is as OP as they were in the original, they’ll obviate the existing character classes. Part of the beauty of the game is that you’re (usually) not absolutely obligated to use any particular character class (except maybe a huntress) in order to succeed. I’d really like to see it stay that way. I think we should avoid any new difficulty/map that can’t be beaten without a Series EV, for example, (or that an EV makes it so much easier that trying it without one makes no sense). I’m vehemently opposed to Mistymire, Moraggo, Aquanos, and Sky City being the progression of the DDA storyline. This is supposedly a new game. Re-usability of code and nostalgia aside, DDA already has a disproportionately high number of maps that have been included in previous games. Though I would love to see Aquanos in particular as a bonus map (favorite map ever with Moraggo and Ramparts rounding out the top three), I think it’s important that new maps be new. Entirely new. And prioritized higher than is being done according to the roadmap. I have no problem whatsoever paying a premium price for DLC, just make it worth it. $10-15 for one awesome new map and its associated challenge is not unreasonable. If you build it, they will come. And, again. DD3 will never exist if DDA is not robust and complete. The Campaign Build timers on Lava Mines, Glitterhelm, and Ramparts are too short; I’d suggest increasing all of them (every wave, all three maps) by 30 seconds. Those maps are just no longer fun, and several other campaign maps feel like there’s never time to place defenses semi-carefully, repair anything, evaluate/pick up gear, or enjoy the experience of playing. Co-op or not, the game needs to be enjoyable for solo players. If I have the gear and the game experience to beat Lava Mines on Massacre, I don’t want the timer to be the reason I can’t do it. It feels cheap and contrived. I can’t even tell you how many times I had to try it that first weekend. It was terrible! I did finally win. 😊 Someone from Chromatic should provide an update on how things are every two weeks, on this site, whether there is any meaningful progress or not. Just stop in and say hello. “Hey, this week the office is no longer flooded and folks are settling into working from home”. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, or ten pages long. It doesn’t even have to be about the game. But for it to exist would be nice. Have whoever writes it to be available to chat with the players occasionally for a day or two after it’s posted. Those are my thoughts as I’ve returned to Etheria, yet again this weekend. It does, by and large, still feel like home. 😊 TL;DR - I stopped playing in June, came back, started from scratch. It's fun again; the progression works well. I have thoughts about the future that I wanted to share and I've intentionally said some provocative things to allow the forum users to discuss if they choose.
  12. I don't perceive this as a problem. There are a lot of players who buy a game, get all the achievements as fast as they can, and move on. Maybe they return when DLC is released, maybe not. I remember seeing someone mention that 1.4% of players have beaten all the act 3 maps on Massacre. If that's accurate, even if all of them are complaining that the game is too easy, that's a tiny though perhaps vocal minority. Anyone complaining that it's too easy who doesn't have that achievement... I'd be inclined to consider those complaints to be invalid. I once knew a guy who claimed that chess was "too easy". So then I beat him 3 times in a row and he still said it was too easy. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and move on. Some people will say anything to get you to think they're better/more talented/smarter than they really are. My advice is to briefly roll your eyes and hope they grow up. I find myself doing that a lot. You can't argue with immaturity because being right isn't enough. I don't really think that a small army of players farming glitterhelm on massacre who couldn't solo the Alchem Lab is a problem. Any discerning player can tell whether someone else knows what they're doing or not almost immediately upon meeting them. Respected players will find each other and have fun playing together. I don't think this warrants action by Chromatic and I'd rather see their efforts focused elsewhere.
  13. Yes, it also happens at the southern section of Glitterhelm. It's especially vexing when the ogres drop into the lava (Glitterhelm), distract defenses, but take no damage. I've even seen once where it couldn't be damaged by anything but a piercing shot.
  14. I have well north of 3,000 hours in DD1 on xbox. 450 in DDA so far. 37 hours on DD2. I HATED it.
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