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  1. OP: The answer is no. I tried a few months ago, and the game you're hoping for is still literally year(s) away.
  2. Yes, please do a backup or game save before playing sky city. The main benefit of sky city is unlocking crystalline dimension. After I beat sky city on insane once i never played it again. Too difficult to be fun, too laggy, too much hassle to backup beforehand every time.
  3. Aquanos is just plain fun and it's a slam-dunk. Probably my favorite map when it all comes right down to it, though I've always loved the Summit (as anyone who owns an Undertow and has ever looked at the "Forged By" can attest). :) Sky City is more trouble than it's worth (it's very difficult and prone to freezing), but both Crystalline and Boss Rush are fun, so I would recommend getting both. Just do a backup before playing Sky City. I don't play the game for reward items or xp. I play for fun. If your motivation is substantially different, you may want to take this advice with a grain of salt. I'm nevertheless glad I got them both.
  4. I agree and am also willing to help... a few Glitterhelm or Endless Spires runs is probably the way to go. I don't have anything on-hand that requires less than level 78 but I can help run whatever map and anything you find is yours.
  5. I have additional corroboration that this can, in fact, be done. Though I will admit that I'm unclear why a technical support subforum under console still exists... Wouldn't the forthright thing to do to have been to remove it the day after Sky City DLC was released?
  6. The easiest way to shield yourself from any potential difficulty is to back up your save file. Cabbage has a method that seems to work for people. I use modio, which is a bit more cumbersome I think. But I store my save file on a flash drive (most of the time) and back it up onto a laptop when any of the following conditions are met: Farmed an item I don't want to lose Made any trade Gained significant xp Gave something away Received anything I want not to lose Immediately before playing Sky City and now... Immediately before hosting a public game I would strongly encourage others to find and use a backup strategy that suits their needs. I do not recommend using the cloud. For me anyway, the little blue "saving" circle can pop up unexpectedly and if I happened to be exiting the game quicker than you should, or if a freeze happens... for the xbox to access the flash drive is just the easiest compromise for me. Not as fast as the hard drive but easier to back up. Glitterhelm Caverns is the last non-DLC map in the original campaign. :) GT: MoriartyLives
  7. I've purposefully avoided making contact with our newer players over the last... However long it's been since the game was free. And there are two reasons for it. The first is that my presence in a game with them would take away a significant amount of the fun for them... Good heavens especially if I built. But the other reason is that I wanted to wait until I saw a small group of new players who seem genuinely dedicated to enjoying the game as it was intended. And this thread, in that respect, makes me very happy. Let's make a couple of things clear to all. First, this game is two and a a half years old and is played on a system that is now "legacy". It is no longer the subject of active development and hasn't been for 18 months. I'm not kidding. The sky city DLC came out in November of 2012 and i spent the next six months carping because of the freezing issues in SC. If I had only known about CD, right Matty? Active development of this game has been over for a year and a half. What you downloaded is what there is. Aquanos xp is broken, don't play sky city with more than two people without doing a game save/backup first, and pro mode is not happening, ever. There are other things that aren't coming to me because I no longer make a weekly habit of complaining about them. And lastly, there are modders. They outnumber us an absolute minimum of 20 to 1. I've booted people for having mods at a ratio of probably 20 to 1 consistently every time I have ever hosted a pub. And with the game being free, if anything, it's gotten a little bit worse. There are only two things you can do. Make a backup \ use a game save and back it up routinely. If you corrupt, you lose a few days of progress instead of everything. If your favorite weapon gets stolen, you revert to backup and you have it again. The biggest detriment of Microsoft being the common platform for PCs and xboxes is that modders can dig into save files and make them huge ludicrous glowie things that still don't allow modders to win because they always seem to be focused on DPS and ignore that this is a tower defense game and that you can't be everywhere at once no matter how damaging you are. But the biggest counter benefit is that it's pretty easy to back up a save file onto a PC and keep it safe from harm. The other thing you can do is cultivate a friend list of people you know are legit and enjoy playing with. I still contend that my interference in your journey from level 0 to probably about 78 is detrimental rather than helpful. The fun of Moraggo is not knowing how to win! The fun is in the struggle of learning how to build and defend. Not in having someone show you how or do it for you. But the best part about all of you is that you've come to the right place to find people who play legit and love the game. That said, my GT is MoriartyLives and although I really think I shouldn't build for anyone until they have a cast of characters who can beat Glitterhelm on insane with ease, I'm happy to chat and supply some DPS if you can catch me online. :)
  8. What level requirement? You can have one of the two I've kept if you can use it!
  9. I play bass and sing Rick Savage's vocal parts in a Def Leppard basement band with my brother, brother-in-law, and whoever we can get to play drums. My bass skills are in their infancy but singing has always been pretty easy for me. I sing lead on songs that don't have falsetto parts but usually can't sing lead and play bass at the same time very well. Mental block. It's fun!
  10. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FStB5_yT9o4 On the Turning Away by Pink Floyd
  11. Down Around my Place by Joe Bonamassa
  12. The times they are a-changin by bob Dylan
  13. Clash of clans, me too! 16 of the 43 people in my clan play DD. :)
  14. The community care bear does fall off the more you level up. You just aren't there yet. I'm not playing with any of the new folks to the game because my presence in their games would have the same effect. Take the time and enjoy the journey from 1-70. Have a full team, be capable of beating Glitterhelm on insane solo. Playing with people who have been around for two years is detrimental to all that. Just have fun. If you're still enjoying the game in June, and I'm still around, I'd be happy to play with any of you.
  15. Nothing really. Satisfaction of helping the community grow, but nothing else that I'm aware of. :)
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