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  1. Yea it took us 1 hour on easy , but it was very hard to maintain the defenses :/ I don't really want her to gain more lvl's and gear since she would beat me up for progressing her char without her, but thanks for the proposal really appreciate it:))
  2. Hello Everyone. I would like to request some help from the community . I play this game with my girlfriend , we are both around lvl 50 and we both enjoy this . The thing is that she wants the countess queen of hearts skin really bad , and i am unable to obtain it for her . We've tried 3-manning it where 1 person defended the crystals, 1 jumped around with a portal gun and one was on the other side of the portal aggroing the mobs . We managed to get it done on EASY in around 1 hour mark and it was very close . So i think running it on hard will require us to have more gear/level/etc. That
  3. Insane is the sweet spot if you're under level 70. Nightmare hardcore will give the best rewards though. Feel free to add me on steam if you want a quick powerlevel. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tangster56 Thank you for the offer ,and it's mighty kind of you, but i want to level with my irl friends so i wouldn't rush out of their level range :) But i will add you though , if you don't mind, so i could have someone to ask if i have any questions regarding higher level stuff?
  4. Thanks Tang , i don't know those challenges , but from what i've seen so far almost every challenge is 45+ level recommended . I want to level up , i really do , but with the lack of weapon support for my traps it's getting less enjoyable the harder the mission gets , while i watch my friends cutting through mobs like a hot knife through butter even though we started playing at the same time. Anyway thanks for the reply, much appreciate it , one more thing though , on which difficulty should those challenges be played to give usable drops? Will they drop useful things on easy or do i have to
  5. Hi, I'm new to this game , played it for about 2 days now , and i must say it's a very enjoyable game. I play huntress , got her to level 27 , but I've stumbled into a wall . I don't have enough weapon dmg to clear anything and feel like I'm being optimal at it . I progress through the campaign at the moment but i can't for the love of god find any good weapons . I have the luck to have 3 irl friends playing with me , but i always feel like I'm the burden not a "plus". The monk from our group told me to test my dps on the dummie in the tavern. He did a couple of hits and his dps was ~1,5
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