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  1. With the Setup of corrupt force in KG NM HC Surv I was able to push my jester to lvl 78. Soon he will be 83 and then I will farm Lab Assalult on IN HC for items. Then I can finally and hopefully do the shards Camapign on NM HC and then start to get the badges and Steam awards. Thx for the support, some hints at the forum and now a good way to go ahead!
  2. Hi. I looked throug the Forum but couldn't find an answer to this: Will DD2 have any connection to DD1? Like achievements, maybe some lvls, items? whatever? DD1 Defender award? Or just be a completely new game?
  3. Thanks for all the advise. I tried Mysty NM HC survival, but after round 1-2 ususally they overrun me. Might need to change setup. Ohh well. I dont have a jester yet, I will see if I can bring one in and lvl him quite fast. Aquanos NM campaighn I cant do so far, but I am sure with some more mana its possible. So here is my plan: (I am at work right now) - Check for jester. If positive uplevel asap and then find a good distance weapon ?!?! Then I will do Lab Assalult runs on Insane HC - If no jester, then upleveling some chars to 80-85 in Throne room INHC surv for better stats and
  4. Hi DD-addicts. (sorry, i meant kind of in Title) Well I have several questions. I have all basic cahrs +ev and Summ in Lvls 78-89. With Stats between 1,6k and 1,9k I have an external controller and I can solo play Throne Room NMHC Surv or KG Insane HC Surv. Bit I am kind of stuck. Shall I farm Mana in Throne Room forever and hope for 1 medium Trans Item or where shall I go to find better equipment (cant do KG NM yet). And when I farm Throne Room, from lvl 12-14 on, mostly myth items drop, pendig quality. If I wait until the end of the round and then have the auto-Sell option
  5. Ok, Understand. Leveling the ones to 74 is no problem, getting decent equipment propably more. But then maybe on nightmare some may fall down... I mean power leveling the others to 74 is just a time issue. So i will try to get used to the other cahrs and then improve their equipment with some myth stuff i can find... and then insane survival runs. So the seahorse is the pet of your advice? I have some neat dragons and a giraffe. But if seahorse is better i will better try to get one. Thx. And i am still open to more advise. Or then addings on steam/ invites for playing.
  6. Hi. I have been playing for about 100 Hours now and have a main lvl 80 apprentice, with some ok stats. But because of the lack of open good games (or lots of kicks during connection process) i have started lvlving up a summoner and ev to help me out on solo games. But of course their equipment is not very good, no myst etc. (about 100-200 stats for towers). I dont have s squire yet but everywhere i go, everyone just wants squires with 2000+ to build or monks or high summoners, even though i have about 1000+ points for towers with my apprentice and my towers can do quite good i think.
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