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  1. Hi What does this actually do? is it referring to multiple cpu cores? meaning if I have a quad core cpu I should enable it? or does it have nothing to do with the cpu and it's more of a gpu option? thanks, highly appreciated.
  2. Thanks guys, some really good information :) keep em coming.
  3. Jesters will be kicked constantly... I don't see the point of this? you put a present down and summon an ogre that destroys everything... what?
  4. Before I begin, I want to apologize if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move mods :) I'm still new here so I wasn't too sure. - Hi I have a level 78 tower build Squire and I solo most maps as him, and him only. I'm finding this very difficult, especially for nightmare. I've been doing some light reading and seen a few builds here 'n there and it has come to my attention that most people that play DD usually have 3-4 heroes and use them together? If so, may I ask what heroes you use during "solo play" and what are their builds. At the moment, this is what I have in mi
  5. I've been doing the same thing, I did all the maps as a Squire, and Squire only.. from 1 to 78. The only map I can't seem to "Squire Only" is Nightmare Ramparts.. the first wave is really hard, and if you somehow manage to clear it.. the next wave literally crushes any hopes of completion lol. There are way too many spiders/djins/ogres/sharkens :( I think I will stop, getting to 78 as Squire only was really challenging but entertaining, I think it's time I leveled a Monk and Summoner to make my nightmare adventure a little less stressful lol. awesome thread btw, very cool.
  6. Running animation looks incomplete? not complaining.. just something i noticed.
  7. I'm not saying make every single character the same..... I'm just saying give the "counterparts" an option to use their original genders ability. I don't see why they couldn't just make a gender option for each hero :\ but they took this route instead. Not every guy out there enjoys playing a female character with a very obvious sex appeal...
  8. Hi You should give us an option to use the gender counterpart abilities. I really love the Huntress' Piercing Shot but I can't see myself playing a female Hero :\ this means my only option is to use the Ranger. The Ranger however has a similar ability but the damage is evenly spread out and split into 3. Maybe let us change the ability in our tavern and once we enter a map it can't be changed? this would eliminate any balance issues. I would really appreciate this, would be a nice little update. Thanks. p.s the gender counterparts need more costumes :P
  9. Like I said, didn't mean to sound harsh lol... I apologize for that. I just feel that this whole paranoia situation is becoming a little too ridiculous. I understand if someone with a level 1 item and 99999 stats deserves a ban, no complaints there... but if I purchased a level 74 weapon with some really good stats, I shouldn't feel paranoid when I'm using it, especially if the stats seem legit but the weapon could be 50/50 hacked. They should ban USD sellers, ban the obvious 9999 stat pricks... don't ban those that probably had no idea they purchased a hacked weapon :\ just remove it fro
  10. Can you solo nightmare? if so, what build?
  11. Can't seem to find the video, I've looked in the groups etc.. I'm pretty bad at navigating on this site lol. could someone link me please, thanks.
  12. Thanks for the information Rominus. At the moment I have only attempted Spires on Nightmare, I finally managed to clear it after 20 or so attempts lol. I'm using a Giraffe pet as someone mentioned they have insane stats, I scored a pretty good one last night with high tower stats. I think that's why I finally managed to clear the map, it boosted my stats quite high. I was thinking about the Genie but I thought they only generate mana if you personally attack something? as in your towers have no effect on the mana regeneration? And then there's the Imp that repairs your buildings but he dra
  13. I really don't understand this... So you're telling me (according to Finally's thread) I can be permanently banned for buying a hacked item? even though I had no idea the item was hacked? that's not very fair to the honest player now is it? One could use these "guidelines" but what about those that never visit the forums? surely TE aren't banning innocent players randomly for buying some items they thought were perfectly legit.. being on "ranked" one would assume everything is 100% real, people wouldn't think "hey this might be hacked" unless they were on "open" or it was something stupid li
  14. Hi I'm pretty new, been playing roughly 2 weeks now. I've read and seen for myself that most people level multiple heroes and use all of their towers/abilities to work nicely with eachother. That's great. Personally, I want to focus on a squire-only playstyle, I'm trying to make a Squire that can solo most, if not all maps on Nightmare and possibly Nightmare Survival later on. Here are my questions. 1. Which pets do you recommend for a tower build Squire? 2. When I level the pet, what should I stack? tower damage or pets personal damage? 3. Does everyone here use other people
  15. I don't know if you guys know this, but if you are playing in full screen, you can press F11 and it will go to windowed mode. Pressing F11 again will restore it back into full screen. Windows 7 here, not sure if its everyone. I might have to try this.. could be a temporary solution but I would still prefer if they implemented window mode fullscreen borderless. thanks for the tip.
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