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  1. XD I have 20/10 vision without glasses
  2. -_- i cant put more than 4 emoticons on my sig
  3. i mean crude for survival and lack auras buff beams... necessary in survival
  4. yeah but those are crude and wouldn't work in survival
  5. Ahhh Canada land of Maypole syrup and Hockey :) It's written maple -_-
  6. I really like this map and its reward ;) so if you have a setup that works i would much appreciate it :) EDIT: Survival :P man this is a facepalm
  7. eat a full pack of saltine crackers without drinking anything :3
  8. carly ray whatever has a sex tape. it's underwhelming. "Foo, you are my favorite forum poster. That is all." - Classic22 GASP link? ;)
  9. :P not if thy are not caught plus it's a little weird...btw stop double posting
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