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  1. If you have not beat all the shard maps on Hard Core you need to turn off HC to get the portal.
  2. I dont think 1000 hrs is that uncommon I have seen people with 2000 hrs. AFK shop can rack up the hrs. I have about 200 hrs AFK.
  3. I finally made it to Ultimate Defender after 1000 hrs of fun and some times frustation. I made it through CD NM last night With Daniel Sound in the lead. We are doing again tonight to get One more of our team through. I am making this post mainly to say thanks to the people that helped me along. DrPepper, Azimuth, and thekevsham. And special thanks to Daniel Sound for help with CD. He was kind enough to make some mods on Open that are a huge help. I recommend anyone that want to do CD use these mods. Old One Practice and Gauntlet Practice available in the workshop. Thanks guys for the help
  4. Are Procks for real or are they all hacked. Its hard to believe the rocks are real knowing how the RNG works and I have been in several shops where there are 10-15 perfect rocks on the floor. It doesn't make sense. Perfect items in this game are vary rare if ever.
  5. Add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012040089 CD on NM is my last achievement and am having a hard time finding people to do it. I have several 3 K builders also and a decent DPS Monk.
  6. My team beat the Dragon with a Barb and cat pet boosted by a monk. Hawk stance one shot = dead dragon. Solo would be tough.
  7. So would a good rule of thumb be. Like upgrade damage to 10 K and the rest of the upgrades into hero damage. Or what is the good rule of thumb be?
  8. Just checked my egg stash I have 22
  9. They dissapear when you go to your tavern and you get the costume. Not sure what they are worth. but I would trade them for a chicken pet. the one you get for Legendary Defender achievement. I sold mine accidentaly.
  10. Tower Squire EV Monk Trap girl App Sommoner DPS Monk Barb Count Ranger I see People with Sommoner DPS. How do you set one of those up? Stats/Pets
  11. I still have a bunch of small eggs. Pretty sure I have at leat 24.
  12. I am at the same point as you OP. Also same I only play at night when kids are in bed. Add me (The Bob) I am on Pacific Time.
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