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  1. Part of the idea of survival is exactly as classic said; to push the player beyond the normal scope of the game. And your complaint about the build timer doesn't really make much sense because there are many situations where you forget something for the build but still get through the wave. You make it sound like the game looks at your build and chooses if you pass or fail. The point of the crystal not being a one hit kill is so that you can make adjustments on the fly if something is going wrong. If you want the game to be easy, dont play insane and nightmare and just do hard since there isnt a "pointless" build timer.
  2. Havent done one of these events before so I am looking forward to it. SID: Nhiser Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040971703/
  3. The dragon is the only boss that gives me issues on NMHC and I wanted to see if other people had similar problems with him. I just spent about 8 minutes fighting him and ended up quitting because I was too low on time to finish the other fights. In the first 3 minutes of the fight he only crossed 3 ballistas which makes it very hard to actually get a hit on him and be able to kill him with all the ogres and goblin copters flying around. Not only did that cause problems but when i did get him to the side of the map, he would fly off after taking one or two hits and I could only get about 1/4 of his health off him. So like I said, I want to know if any one has some suggestions to me or if this is a non-preventable situation.
  4. Totally agree with you. If there are going to be advantages and disadvantages to different skins, we should be able to change them quickly, like changing a pet because of it's advantages.
  5. Good luck to everyone. I wish more people did this instead of selling for cubes and other rares.
  6. My STS has 48k base damage. Is it really better to use a polearm if it can only hit 32k a hit on NM?
  7. I have a lvl 90 monk using an STS, each shot on NM hit around 100k which is good enough but I need to switch to a weapon multiple projectiles that of course go through the air. Are there any weapons that will allow my shots to hit anywhere that of an STS? I have tried a polearm with about 41K base damage and on nightmare the shots only hit around 23k which drasticAlly cuts my DPS. Would a monk wrench be able to maintain my DPS with an STS better?
  8. I am not sure if they removed the upgrade towers from the game, but it feels like it. Me and two of my friends were running the campaign on NMHC and we havent gotten it once recently. One of my friends was on his summoner flying around just constantly hitting tiles, still no luck. I think it may have been removed to compensate for the 15% reduction in difficulty for some reason.
  9. I honestly never thought of it that way but I totally agree with you about the fact that people would not have had a problem if the "bridging the gap" quote had never been there at all. I know I wouldn't be trying so hard to complete this map if I had been able to think of it as an endgame map since the start.
  10. With the release of kings game came a true bridge between insane and nightmare. Then it was patched very quickly to eliminate the ease of the level and another patch reduced the difficulty, slightly. My question here is that if this map isnt goin to bridge the gap here, what map(s) can? Also, I find it to be in very poor taste that trendy rushed the patch to make the map harder because it was accidentally released too easy and now it seems to me that they lost that pep in their step when it comes to fixing the map to a far more reasonable state. How long until players who are geared for nightmare already can actually beat the kings game on NM?
  11. It would be extremely beneficial if someone could give me some information about the aqua lance item. Information that I would like to know: -max projectiles -relative attack rate(ranged) to monk wrench and STS or something else like it. Basically, is the attack rate considered good? -amount of damage per up for ranged damage. Thank you to anyone who leaves me some information.
  12. The 15% was just added time to the build phased allowing you to setup better. The health and power of the ogres and shaken doesn't appear to have changed from my experience thus far. It's almost like the "reduction in difficulty" was a quick fix sham that didn't particularly help. Ether way you are limited to 700 mana on wave one. After that you have about two minutes to set up all the defenses that were anailated by ogres and try to put in new ones. Then you have to switch to a DPS character before time runs out. One slip up in tower placement or falling to a lower level can cost you the chance to switch to DPS and ultimately your chance of surviving. I am speaking of course about campaign because that is where the difficulty should be based around and survival should be incremental increases as you advance.
  13. No, King's Game insane is harder than NMHC glitter. After failing insane there yesterday, me and my friend wet to do Glitter on NMHC and we breezes through it. It was so much easier because we had enough DU to accomadate the size of the map. DU, time and mana on those first waves is very important and King's Game does not provide enough for the difficulty of the map.
  14. I still can't comprehend why it is so important to be better than other players in this game. Part of the reason this map got to be so difficult all of a sudden is because the "elite" players complained that it was so easy, the "normal" players could obtain their almighty gear. Anyway, I played this map with my friends when it came out. It was fun, rewarding and it felt good to pass it. It was perhaps a bit too easy for the exp and the drops we got. Of course we did stumble upon an all towers fully upgraded tile early on. We went back to play it today because I was hoping to farm a solid monk DPS weapon. We switched the builds that we each had done(top switched with bottom) so that I would get MVP and therefore better loot. We failed the first wave. After probably 5 more failed attempts on the first or second wave, the frustration was too much. This map wasn't fun anymore; it was just plain out impossible for us. We are geared strong enough for aquanos NMHC and we couldnt pass this "bonus" map? This map was meant to be a bridge and it feels made us feel like we need to invest atleast 1000 hours more into the game( to gear up)just to complete this on campaign, let alone on survival. The reasons this map is too hard: - the ogres on wave one have 3M+ health(goblin copter ogres I think have 8 or 9M) and seem to move way too fast for a wave that provides 2 minutes and 700 mana to build for it. And you can't keep your builders out because the ogre might just one shot them. - the goblin copters have rapid fire, plenty of health, and stay out of range of your defenses. This makes them far more threatening then they should be after the patch that should've made them weaker. - ninjas move so fast that defenses struggle to kill them. Then as mentioned above, your builder is dead if he is still out. - it takes numerous DU to use buff beams at all the important chokes. I lose about 20-30 DU on buffs alone. Perhaps I could be more efficient but I can't see where since it is too easy to let your defenses get overwhelmed if you combine choke points. This leaves me with roughly 85-95 DU and 115 MU to complete the build. Of course there are so few units that I find myself having two archers and a Mage to deal with a choke because I ran out of time to get other things set there. Then the buffs to down when one archer dies... And it's not just nightmare that is difficult. We tried insane hard core... The ogres seemed to reach through defenses and then some to hit the crystal. A few times, the crystal was attacked by seemingly nothing, then the defenses start falling and then you discover a spider or even a ninja is actuall right there. Needless to say, we failed that too. I guess that having towers DPS at like 150k damage isn't good enough to beat insane. Trans armor isn't what it used to be... Overall, I am very disappointed by what happened here. A fun map that made people want to play the game was turned into your worst nightmare. It's like the "bridge" has not only broken beyond repair, but has fallen into the rapids below. Anyone on that bridge that was just about to crack into nightmare were swept away. It's heartbreaking to see such a drastic change. All I can say is that the pawn shot just got much more valuable becuase there may not be more than like 20 more on the market after this. It feels like I have hit a brick wall at 1000 mph. So close to getting into the more affluent side of the game, but instead my hopes just went splat.
  15. As it was pointed out above, this is a PvE game. We seem to constantly forget that. This game is not about being the best at it. The point is to try to make the experience fun for yourself. I have played this map one time through on campaign and I thought the experience was great. This reduces the grind that most games send the players through. Instead of spending hours upon hours on getting from one level to the next, this can get the player more involved in the fun parts of the game because they will have more time for it. I think the heavily limited DU and of course MU puts a bit of challenge in it. I found that the build we used was stretched very thin in some places and we had to go without some physical beams that I would have prefered to use. Overall, I found the map to be kind of easy as many have said. It was easy because I built with a 3k damage and 2k rate apprentice(love those higher end magic missiles) and the summer my friend used had similar stats.(I believe only 2.5k damage) it took us many hours to get to the point that we could have those stats. Even with those stats we still struggle through the shards maps. I wouldn't dare try this map with anything lower than 2k damage and 1.5k rate with some strong buffs. To the players that do use lower stats, I salute your effort. The rewards I suppose are a bit unbalanced. (The huntress weapon scales so high in damage it's unbelievable.) But even with those rewards, it's not going to be easy to do the shards maps and of course the wonderful CD. The problem in this situation is not the map. The loot drops still rely on the players knowledge to pick up what is good for him/her. The problem here is the community. The players who own all the mana, cubes, mega chickens, etc. seem to be scared to have more players like them playing alongside them. There is nothing wrong with this and I think that this map actually might be able to bridge the gap between the "elite" and the normal players. (If the map stays the same of course) With these proposed changes, it will only further separate the people who enjoy playing because they have good gear and the people who play for fun in general.
  16. As much as I would love to see this list, I think it is important to never give hackers an extra tool. Hackers destroy games by driving out the legit community. Perhaps you could be a good go-to guy for the item check thread.
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