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  1. ok so ive got 8 different characters all to 78, whats a good map for xp runs? should i get them all to 90? i can do aquanos survial wave 30, just not MM so i thought i would level them all.
  2. love the set up, only problem is a djin will always despawn something from the south, usually the strength aura. its rather annoying. any idea why this is?
  3. Thanks currently ive got a lvl 87 monk that does erm around... 3m DPS which i know is shocking, i guess i was looknig for clarification that its my set up is bad. ive got a gamblers polearm at 53k damage, guess i need to get a better one + a better DPS set Thanks for your help
  4. currently unsure of what the best DPS class is? is there a dominant one or is it a mix of preferences?
  5. i need a group to do this with :s been solo most the game, where would i go to find a team?
  6. your guides work amazingly well.... only problem is im thick and still cannot kill the kraken lol
  7. ive used a few builds ive found on ddplanner but i always fail to orge copters, so i try to adapt. i cannot figure out how to fight them best, any ideas?
  8. ahh knew i had forgotten something, yes insane. i just want to get to the crystaline lol i do have an EV but shes my DPS
  9. just spent a few hours doing this level and cannot figure out a build for it. i guess im just blind on this one. stats: squire 800/1000/400/1000 Monk 600/700/500/500 Summoner 1100/1100/300/400
  10. and use a male monk not the female?
  11. i currently have 3 tower builds and 1 lvl 72 Barbarian would it be worth getting him to 74 as my main DPS or should i use a huntress / EV? im not really sure on what to do when it comes to this whos best?
  12. i have this same problem, its rather annoying
  13. ah ok wasnt sure if the genie gave mana if towers did the damage
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