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  1. Are you talking about restoring your heros from ps3 to pc?
  2. Its a bit late to ask but where do we go to the tournament? There is no link to a specific map to download or even a PC community events group chat on steam. So how is Dredd suppose to be able to contact the people that signed to join if there is no map or direct contact to the host? I'm am lost and confused right now. Anyone with answers please tell me.
  3. Mind if I ask how did the bug happened? Haven't play the game in a while.
  4. I hate it when people join my nm games but they randomly press G when I didn't even start to build yet. There should be a full on tutorial on how to play the game right. The original one that was provided from the start of the game is out dated and should up date with the "don't press G if there is no towers build" cause clearly people don't have common sense anymore. Also the public games are suppose to be a laid back kind game so everyone can kind of relax and do random builds. There should be a button that lock other players from building/selling and let the host build if he wants to.
  5. Jetpacking Bounty hunter costume and I think the EV 1.75 costume fly too, not sure about the 1.5 version.
  6. I think the demo version doesn't allow you to enjoy the full extent of the game. For example: you can't press G to start the crystal, you have to manually start the crystal in the demo. So I think it just the demo not allowing you to use that feature to play the game but once you download the full version of the game you can use your controller without any problems. Hope it helps.
  7. Mine is Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist cause he reminds me of myself and similar childhood.
  8. And again point totally missed, before you think im flippin out, or ranting I never asked when Iamsom has said he will say when... I have asked what will be fixed (How dare I ask I know right?). You can all speculate as to why they wont answer me or why they shouldn't answer me but until they do I really don't see the harm in asking. What they will be fixing is anyone guess at this point. It doesn't matter how many times you will ask this question the answer will remain the same: no one knows.
  9. Add a CPU option where we can activate additional DPS characters and allow the computer to control that character. Also, a button to set the CPU to build or dps.
  10. [[1108,hashtags]] I heard two peanut walked into a park.....one was as-salted.
  11. The events that happens once every few weeks. Sadly it has to end.
  12. The new event is awesome and the event items are also awesome. But I wish I had bought the game earlier so I could also collect the previous event items.
  13. SID: Gatsby33303 SID Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Gatsby33303/
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