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  1. Is it really a 25% boost for MM? I always thought it was just around 5% or so. I, also, thought MM added only 5%?
  2. If it helps, by specs: Windows 7 64-bit Nvidia GeForce GT 240 AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core @ 2.60 GHz 4 GB Ram I pretty much know my CPU is the bottleneck :p
  3. I also lag immensely on this map, and not even with afk's. Maybe that's just my computer being a bit old, but still... It'd be nice if we could just "remove" all the trash mobs that get killed by auras and leave all the important mobs, because that's where I think all the lag comes from. There's waaay too many mobs allowed to be up at once on akatiti.
  4. How much do you all end up upgrading the other 2 crystals without attracting djinn to them? I find that I can usually up the buff beam to lvl 2 and the auras and traps to lvl 1 typically without worries, but it seems like it happens at least once a run, a stray djinn will stop by and desummon one of the auras. Not looking for a "have summoners pop gas" response.
  5. While this got pretty off topic the last few posts, I would like to add another one of these; Trendy, please consider this thread before you make any changes to the forum. A lot of people on here seem to like the dark background white text theme, and I am one of those people. If you guys do, for some reason, still go through with this forum update, please add a choice for the users to choose between the themes. Because seriously. Facebook is already like looking at a lightbulb. Don't make me look at another lightbulb.
  6. If you're looking for armor, have you considered doing Kings Game NMHC Survival? It can be pretty brutal, but after wave 15 I usually seem to manage getting 1 trans a wave, even more after wave 20.
  7. The wiki page on that weapon states that it deals electrical damage, and if I'm right, the genies mana return is dependent on the weapon's generic damage dealt. Don't have first hand experience with this weapon though, could somebody confirm this?
  8. Gotta love Sky City... It's beautiful, the music is great, and it's one of the only maps where you can build entirely at one crystal (besides a few aura stacks at the others...)
  9. By over-ticking, I mean getting the genie to give you more mana per "tick" (spin) than usual. Sometimes, I noticed a point blank full-charge staff attack can get you from 0 to max mana in 1 tick. I also noticed that with fast ranged weapons, I can often get 2 or 3 ticks worth of mana in 1 tick with continuous shooting. Anybody else have any input on this?
  10. Gold fish-wyvern? Sounds like you're playing on mixmode, I'd suggest trying non-mixmode until you can beat NMHC survival. I know almost for a fact that the buff cast time DOES get shorter as the wave goes up. I don't know if the same is true for the desummon cast, though... Also another note about your huntress. It doesn't really matter how she's geared if all you'll be using from her is gas traps. They don't do any damage, so, no problem there. They have a long duration, so health isn't really important. If they're small, you can place them on your buff beams to make them bigger, o
  11. Windowed fullscreen EVERY game should have this! Any that doesn't is a pure disappointment.
  12. Unlimited Mana. I hear this could mess with the economy, but the economy is f***ed up already with items costing trillions of mana. I agree with this. When I'd do my re-play-throughs in open utilizing the Mad Mana Map for unlimited mana, the game tended to be MUCH more enjoyable. Maybe the mana system could be reworked (600 mil soft cap? **** that) to make the entire concept a little less useless, but its removal from the game is at least justified imo.
  13. I love your list so far, draemn; my list would be pretty similar so I'm just going to add to yours... Programmable towers *actual* adjustable difficulties, with loot scaling to your chosen difficulty Loot filtering Tavern customization More general support towers to allow for more versatile builds (maybe a purely support class with things like shields, buffs, a heal tower [that works on towers]; basically EV but more practical defenses) No pure-dps classes. Barb was cool, but pure-dps classes seem to discourage people from building themselves, allowing them to be carried by others
  14. You can summon minions quickly typically during any build phase. In combat phase or in your tavern, minions will be summoned very slowly, and casting speed does not affect the rate at which they are summoned. To add onto the post above me, you can do multiple things in overlord mode at once. While you can summon multiple (different) minions at once, you can also summon, repair, upgrade, and flash heal all at the same time.
  15. Sucks... I've been watching this thread for a good while now, hoping it would've been in the game before DD died. So much for that :( Who knows? Maybe they'll surprise us.
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