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  1. SID: [red] darkwraith http://steamcommunity.com/id/darkwraith27 Thanks a bunch! Happy holidays!
  2. The only time I experience the horridness of an ATI 4200 is when I decide to play DD in class. I feel your pain on occasion My main rig is an amd bulldozer 8150 (8core), 16gb ddr3, nvidia geforce gtx 550ti, patriot pyro ssd > 1920x1080 My secondary is an amd phenomII 1055T (6core), 8gb ddr3, nvidia geforce 9800gt, patriot torqx ssd > 1920x1080
  3. From the sound of that page ya (I vaguely remember having to do it as well), you either need to get through 25 or sell your defense and lose.
  4. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Defense_is_the_Best_Offense You have to either let the crystal die or completely beat the level. Returning to tavern won't grant you the achievement.
  5. Here's the required XP for 91-100 91 - 433,073,298 -- 670 stat points (total) 92 - 486,171,698 -- 695 93 - 543,406,738 -- 720 94 - 604,828,914 -- 745 95 - 670,486,322 -- 785 96 - 740,425,138 -- 825 97 - 814,689,458 -- 865 98 - 893,321,778 -- 905 99 - 976,362,802 -- 945 100 - 1,063,852,018 -- 985
  6. I've currently gotten 4 perfs from 36 earned. I have probably another 4-5 that have 600 in 3 tower stats but missing the 4th. I've just been farming insane HC 28-35 which takes roughly 45 minutes including the build time with all 4 characters out for all waves (to grab up 15m+ xp per character, 100 just seems so far away haha)
  7. Likely not, you'll just get all the DLC you didn't have onto your account. this, I had that happen when I bought the THQ pack last year, since I already had Warhammer 40000 and Company of Heroes, it just added the games I didn't have.
  8. Are you sure that minions can damge boss? they definitely can, I've won 2-3 HC games thanks to my minions taking out the kraken hah
  9. I'm also in agreement on this, just had a steam hiccup on wave 30 of sky city, 2 ult armors visible on the ground *sigh* I make sure to always check this before beginning any long survival grinds to at least rule out scheduled steam downtime: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=784745
  10. I'd be up for helping you with it, added you on steam. Just message me when you're ready.
  11. I have not had a single disconnect for two or three months now. Have you tried using a wired router? I definitely second this. Disconnects for me have gone drastically down after hard wiring my gaming rig instead of relying on WiFi
  12. The forge will stop you at that items particular stat cap. Myths: 360 (468 with set bonus) Trans: 420 (559 with set bonus) Sup: 500 (680 with set bonus) Ult: 600 (840 with set bonus) And yes, you're correct on the caps being the same for hero, ability and tower stats.
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