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  1. Looking for recommendations for mobile games to play with friends. Please don't say words with friends...
  2. All stats increase when you upgrade. However for certain towers such as huntress traps, you might not get an increase in trap count when you upgrade. It's probably because you can't have partial trap counts and the calculation for the trap count upgrade rounds off to a whole number.
  3. I personally would really appreciate some kind of save type of feature. On iOS, if I close the app the save state will be lost if I open 1 or 2 large applications after I close DD. This makes it nearly impossible for me to play survival mode on boards like TTR which takes 4 hours to complete.
  4. I don't think Airdrifting is complaining about the difficulty per se, but more about tweaking the game dynamics. I certainly have stopped many time in the past when I couldn't get past royal gardens in the past. Currently if you fail you have to start all over, this usually occurs towards more difficult waves meaning that players are forced to restart all the way back. One way Trendy can address this is make it so that players will be sent back 2 waves and will lose all exp gained for those two waves. This will mean that most of a players towers will not have to be rebuilt, adjustments can more easily made, and more time is spent having fun instead of remaking your towers. It will still be fair because the players will lose the exp for those two waves.
  5. In terms of increasing damage with fewer shots per second, can't you just charge your shots?
  6. In general you probably just want to upgrade the damage. The best way to do that is upgrade the shots per second if available, then upgrade damage if you can't upgrade shots per second. Note that some monsters will have very high poison damage at higher levels. It's also very expensive to upgrade a pet at the higher levels, right around where you are. Since the strongest pets only to a fraction of the damage you can do your money might be better spent upgrading your main weapon.
  7. Yeah I figured it would work with all the other stats, I just haven't gotten around to testing out the limits if any. This would allow for even more differentiated DPS vs Tower build heros.
  8. If you equip an item that give you a negative bonus when leveling, you can increase your stat beyond the hero limit. For example I have a huntress animus that has a -9 speed bonus. If I remove all my gear except the animus when leveling up, I can increase my speed above 61. You can see it here Anyone can try this out for themselves. And if anyone is wondering why I am using the Animus the other stats are 982/5/+2
  9. Basically this would be a board for people who have played the game for a while and have more than 4 fully leveled heroes. Instead of towers, you will be able to "cast" one of your other heroes. The hero will act like static defense and will not be able to move. They will use their attack whenever an enemy is in range. So a squire is basically like a bouncer blockade (especially if they have a knockback weapon) and a huntress would be like a harpoon turret. Their pet would work as usual. So the higher level and better items your hero's has, the better defense unit they will be. The point is that the board should be very very hard and would require you to have 8 heroes (plus 1 hero to "cast" heroes) of decent ability to beat. The board should be impossible to beat with just 4 maxed out heroes. The point of this board is that it encourages people to continue playing the game after they have 4 maxed level characters by creating more heroes and leveling them up.
  10. There should be a board where you use your heros as towers. All your heros' stats will start out at 50% (including armor and weapons) and can eventually be upgraded to 100%. You can use a hero only once. You will also have a hero to move around the board like normal but they can't use their normal towers. You can only use the same type of hero twice and you will be able to call 8 hero's max. Fairies shouldn't be nerfed, even though they might be kinda overpowered for this board. Then again it's not east to get 8 decent fairies. This board should obviously be super hard even in easy mode. I think this type of board would be really fun for all those people who have created 8 solid characters and would encourage others to play more. I think it goes without saying that this board should give really good gear. I would even be happy if it just populated the item shop with armor that cost at least 1 Mil or Animii that cost at least 14 mil.
  11. Sticky threads should be sparingly and temporarily used in a message board. Most of the sticky content would be better served in a simple blog, or website that holds static content. A message board is best used as a place to discuss current topics, not a mish mash of content. 'end rant
  12. Well if you are starting with 100 attack then the end attack difference isn't that big but if you start with say 118 attack then the x12 formula overestimates attack by about 100 (1416 vs 1316) so x12 would only be accurate for say base attack between 95-105. The farther outside that range you are, the less accurate the x12 formula is.
  13. FYI if you start out with lower than 60 attack then you never really hit the 120 damage cap. However if you start out with 100 then you hit the cap four times. So if you just use a simple formula of (attack x 1.18^16) then you will be really overstating what the final damage should be.
  14. For those of you that have Microsoft Excel you can use this formula that incorporates the rounding and 120 damage cap. Again this is only for weapon damage Just put your base attack in the very first cell and put the formula below in the cell to the right =IF(ROUNDDOWN(A1*0.18,0)>120, 120+A1,ROUNDDOWN(A1*1.18,0)) copy and paste the formula 15 additional times to figure out your final attack it should be in cell (Q1) FYI I've noticed that the actual increases are very slightly different than this formula but pretty close.
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