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  1. At this point, unless they move the release date back it looks as though the beta will be a pro forma thing to satisfy their kickstarter obligation rather than an attempt to get actual feedback and make changes to the game based upon it. The end of Octobor is 2 months away. I'm not sure two months is long enough to actually utilize player input. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's not.
  2. I want DD1 with better graphics and no cheating. An auction house would be fun. I don't want pretty much anything from DD2. DD1 was an amazing game that changed my life. I quit playing when the hacking began and the playerbase died off. DD2 was a horrid, confusing mess. I played for a while off the goodwill I felt from DD1, but the game got worse and worse and worse. Simpler is better. Don't give me overcomplication. There should only be one in-game currency. There shouldn't be gold, shards, super-shards, gems, diamonds, and alloys. God forbid. If at any point I see anything RNG selling for real money, I'm out. If at any point I ever see anything that affects gameplay for real money, I'm out. I don't mind purely cosmetic items for sale, where I know exactly what I'll get for the payment. *Don't* create an in-game custom currency to try to disguise the costs of items or lock players into spending too much to get a discount. Just sell costumes on Steam where I can see what they will cost. I want all the maps from DD1, including the later ones that were sold. The same goes for the characters. I'd be willing to pay for maps and characters as DLCs. Remember that DD1 was a tower defense game where players could do things. Don't make it an FPS with towers. The question going into a map should be "Will this build work?" not "Will the other players flake out?"
  3. City in the Cliffs, Aquanos, and Glitterheim caverns. I have very fond memories of all three.
  4. It isn't the first time they've telegraphed breaking their promises. In the devstream where they previewed the limited edition skeleton skins, they said they wouldn't be coming back. Said it many times, in fact. Then in the devstream before last they tell us that maybe they'll bring them back if they can do it in a cool way.
  5. The thing that saddened me the most was the new leader's response to the question about DD1 levels. His answer was, to paraphrase, "We don't do that. We move forward. We're about the future." We, we, we. Meaning Trendy. Not the fan base, which has fond memories of the old levels. If he had responded by saying "There doesn't seem to be that much demand." I'd have not been so bothered. But it sounded very much like "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Interested in pushing Trendy's vision to the exclusion of the desires of their customers.
  6. City in the Clouds, Glitterhelm, and Aquanos. Especially if City in the Clouds could be more than four players.
  7. Both the "bug compensation" and the rewards for completing the quest leave out the title. Will we still be able to receive this, and how?
  8. I'd be in favor of it, so long as no items costing gems are wiped. But Trendy has said they are not planning to wipe unless absolutely necessary, and doubly so once Beta hits.
  9. Post-patch flamethrower is wonderful.
  10. Everything I lost in spheres I gained back, without paying any gold, via SAS.
  11. Walls seem definitely better to me, both in numbers and observed ability to survive.
  12. I'm looking forward to the tower rebalancing - hopefully endgame builds without traps will be viable!
  13. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy the collector's edition more than once?
  14. They'll probably want seasonal specials once the game releases, so perhaps they think it's worth doing now.
  15. I predict that they will add a pumpkin-headed boss or mini-boss. And leave the poor Huntress alone!
  16. Just a me, too, on both the "it's happening" and the "black tower skins would be cool." Though I'd prefer black with accents rather than 100% black.
  17. That'd be great. And a barbarian-ish outfit for the Adept. (The dryad is too civilized looking.)
  18. Since some maps are almost never played, I'd suggest the following: Each week calculate the four least played maps (by the community) the precious week. Then give a x 1.5 bonus on items, gold, and experience on the least played map an a x1.25 bonus on the other three. Mark the maps so that people know what will give them that bonus. I guarantee those maps won't be the least played four the next week.
  19. A physical mage could shoot bolts of earth or hail instead of fire and cold. Overall, a lovely idea!
  20. I want the Yahtzee method. They could even restrict us to only three rolls per item to keep the number of perfect items way down.
  21. I finished the quest on the 12th, so obviously it didn't seem hard to me. Part of what made it so easy was that I had one level 50 and was training up four more, so the pet affection levels came naturally. But if I hadn't been doing that already I'd have hated the pet affection requirement.
  22. Anyone else uncomfortable with the fact we had an explicit vote on whether to be allowed to clump defenses near the crystal, and after we voted yes, they take away the ability to clump defenses everywhere? The vote didn't matter to me one way or another, and I like the coming changes, but it does seem like a slap in the face to the community.
  23. changeable with cash When did they say this?
  24. I'd like to know how fixed the allocated stats are. Permanent, freely changeable, or changeable with rare or cash items.
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