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  1. As the title say i am looking for 1 or more persons that could help achieving silent night /temple o love. Thanks @edit : Finished temple o love,still looking for silent night :). http://steamcommunity.com/id/Andrei1/
  2. Yup DDace helped me out too ,hes a cool guy gogo ;) .
  3. What weapons are the best for monk dps and what should i upgrade on it ranged damage or base damage or both? haven't play since december so i don't know how this works haha
  4. Srsly can u fix this game ?????That's why am i paying to have a good game not a crappy one :/ (no offence but it's fully bugged). BUG: The Genie King does not spawn anymore on BOSS RUSH challange on INSANE. hope u fix it
  5. When will jester patch come out?? it was suposseeeeeeddd todayyyyyyyyyyy .Trendy Y U NO RESPECT THE GIVEN TIME AND DAY?
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