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  1. Well that's good because I was planning about signing up through email, *cough* in case I really want beta *cough* Thanks. Just realized that is says you "do" so ignore everything I have said, and my email.
  2. A caption is like a short little sentence, or a couple of sentences to describe what could be happening in the picture. Also wondering on 18+ thing. If not my caption is: Time to bring scary power to a whole 'nother level. Baby, it's coming tonight,and its coming twice as powerful as last time. 2. Don't forget to run, cause hiding won't do you any good when trying to escape us.
  3. "Stop clowning around" Jesters are clowns, I thought this one would have already been said.
  4. I haven't played Dungeon Defenders that long in hours but I have been playing it for a while. PC: 171 Hours Mobile: 40+ Hours Console: 40+ Hours Been playing ever since the Motorola Xoom came out, so a good 2 years from January in 2011! Loved it since the beginning and still do now!
  5. Nice change of pace from Hitmon's writing Good digest Laura, now how about that cow pet.
  6. I believe you select a character, don't say start, and then hold alt or shift or control(I'm not sure which one), then you click the character you want to switch it with.
  7. Loved To Kill a Mocking Bird, and I am reading Dracula right now, hope it's good like you say!
  8. Wow, thanks Afran, I'll add you to steam soon, thanks for the gear, what is your steam id?
  9. After reading the description, I'm pretty excited for event! When will we know what day we got, time, and if we even got it, will it be in our inboxes?
  10. SID: DSWITHDQ Partners: None, will take anyone Day: Preferred Saturday or Sunday B
  11. Here is my second submission, decided to hand draw this one, and decided to do it in pen. He has a little bit of a potbelly making him look funny. http://s1288.beta.photobucket.com/user/mooingfish/media/073.jpg.html
  12. When will the winner be chosen?
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