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  1. The most memorable event for me would have to be the Jason Vorhees event. I was partnered up with my friend Lemming and we were then partnered up with another guy who ended up being the primary builder. This might have actually been my first event if I recall as adrenaline was pumping not knowing what to expect. Of course we did our best to gear up and prepare, but what made it so memorable is grouping up with a random person or two and everyone immediately knowing what to do and unselfishly helping to win. It was the ultimate team effort--the thing that made DD a special game from the begi
  2. People always kick others out of their games if they don't follow their rules. It's not that big of a deal. It's not the kick that's the issue. No need to be such an offensive douche. I had been in the game for all of 10 seconds. Just sad that people have to be so rude and childish.
  3. I've played this game for several years. We all run into the occasional problem child, but this is one of the worst I've encountered. Now I remember why I quit playing this game for over a year. And this attack and subsequent kick was brought on after playing for a few seconds and hitting two tiles.
  4. How much did that final click actually cost?
  5. Ya I had around 200 trans in my shop at one point for 300m each. Each and every piece was absolute garbage. Then got bought out. Ooohhhh yyaaa. I've had similar experiences recently. I had the crappier pieces priced around 150 mill. I must have had 10 people in the shop at once and they all got bought, in a very short period of time. If I had to guess, I think it was probably one person who bought most if not all of them,probably to resell at a higher price, or not.
  6. You *are treating people like crap for no reason. *were |FTFY
  7. Love this Mike, and appreciate it. I've gone through that evolution myself. Luckily, I had good people to join up with when I started playing the game who were patient and helped me, and I still play with those guys today. I also experienced (and still do) the a-holes out there who kick for the smallest thing or no reason at all and berate others incessantly. One of the best things that ever happened to me in DD was the time when I had just hit 74 with my first hero and had no myths of any kind and not much in the way of pets. Someone came into my tavern and dropped a bunch of stuff for me
  8. Mike, I love your posts and agree with you more often than not. Not sure we are in complete agreement on this one though. I run Sky City probably more than any other map, except for maybe Kings. I've run SC hundreds of time on NMHC. On SC, 90% of the time I'm running a monk at end game. I have yet to get anything better than a trans wrench there, and even then the best one was a builder weapon I have equipped on my aura monk. This goes back to when the map first came out. Doesn't seem better or worse since the ult 100 patch. Most of the guys I run it with also use monks at end game and I can o
  9. Great story Mike. It's the same story I have after dozens if not hundreds of NMHC runs on VE, Sky City, and such. I think I have exactly 1 usable wrench and 1 usable STS to show for it. Finally got a really nice saw just the other day.
  10. I think in all the time I've played DD, I've purchased maybe two things in my tavern, both were ultimate pets. Had this guy show up two days ago. Even though it was priced at 900,000,000 and I didn't really need it, I couldn't resist.
  11. I like how DD is one of the very few games that can complain about steam downtime. Any other place and most people would ask "Wait, steam went down?" I mean, since I was playing persona 4 at the time, I had no idea steam went down. Only time I actually realize it did is when I'm playing DD, or if someone says so. ^This The slightest little internet or server fart and you lose all game progress. Stupid by design, moronic by continuation. I love Steam and DD, but it's a flawed marriage. I hope if they renew their vows, they become a bit more independent.
  12. I've enjoyed it the first three times I've tried to play it, right up to the point that I get disconnected. This last time was on the final wave with only 7 enemies to go. It's **** like this... Is some kind of buffer possible or something to prevent from losing all progress in games? I realize this is something we deal with sporadically, but it's no less frustrating.
  13. Just don't take the Sid Meier approach and wait 5-20 years before releasing a sequel.
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