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  1. It's been some time since I've done this one. I was finally successful when I followed someone's advice to just make aura stacks at every entry. I believe someone added ev walls at most entrances as well. Gas traps might also be useful, depending on what builders you have. Also I found it easier when there were four people to find the non-invincible summoners. Edit: If you host this as a public game it generally fills up pretty fast since this is one of the toughest challenges. And I think with a good active team your stats should be able to handle it.
  2. Well I wasn't really expecting anything to change, just typed out some thoughts that were going through my head. I realize there are likely a ton of problems that would come from adding other difficulties, most of which I wouldn't think of since I'm not a host. I guess the first few selda events with the low level restrictions was probably the better way to enable newer players to participate. Personally I play the events because they are a ton of fun. I would be fine with a "Win only" event as long as it was possible for most teams to win. (Assuming they have the stats for nightmare and wo
  3. Some players might not like this, but what if you gave out the same event item regardless of the difficulty. Event items being rewarded is based on participation so whether or not someone participates on insane or nightmare shouldn't be an issue. Prior to a match starting the players could be required to show to the host the stats of the heros they are going to use, and the host would set it to an appropriate diffuculty. This would allow all players to actually play through the event. However it would be difficult to get a set of fthree people together who all should play at the same difficult
  4. Awesome event, it was tons of fun. Really like the stats on the reward, it's definitely worth keeping. @Voltron, yep this is by participation. That's how I got mine, the bosswave is extremely challenging.
  5. No minimap is not on purpose, was just pressured for time. A minimap will be added. I don't think the minimap is necessary, it adds to the challenge.
  6. I just gave this map a brief try so I'd know what to expect when I do the event later today. It's rather crazy but should be tons of fun. The removal of the map is going to make this a bit difficult at first. It was a pleasant surprise that I could use overlord mode on my summoner, until I actually went into it. The enemies don't seem to be too difficult, but that's a good thing with all the strange quirks that this map includes. I haven't gotten to wave 15 yet, hopefully there's a boss or miniboss, those where fun last time. :D Really looking forward to this event.
  7. Option 1) Cheat and hack your way to richness Option 2) Get given free stuff that suddenly makes you super rich Option 3) Get rare/event items by participating in events and challenges (if you have steam version) and selling them. Option 4) Just play and gradually progress and gain wealth as you get better. Option one would ruin the game and take away all the fun. It would also end up with you getting banned as it is against the rules (assuming you're playing ranked). I can recommend using options 2 and 3, they work well and are what I used. I'd also try joining any NM games you can
  8. Good idea. Something needs to be done so that more items, especially mana tokens, can be traded at once. This is a very interesting way of accomplishing that.
  9. SID: Beorn424 Link:http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beorn424 Friday A
  10. Congrats on getting an ultimate++. I would love to see it but the picture isn't working. Edit: followed the link, it looks nice.
  11. I voted for the higher tower damage. Upping damage makes it possible to switch the set to different builders.
  12. In my tavern, the tavernkeep is dressed as santa. However, a friend noticed while he was in my tavern that he saw the normal tavernkeep, only turned sideways. I joined my friends tavern and saw the sideways tavernkeep but he said he was seeing the santa skin. This is what I saw while in my friends tavern: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=115038782
  13. I said PC because I have a PC. That's what the question was rignt? :D
  14. I'd suggest sending a PM to Dredd. The official signup thread was closed last thursday, however if you contact Dredd he may add your name to the list.
  15. The bar (gauge) is vertical on the front of the pedestal on which the spider queen sits. (I had some trouble figuring out what people were talking about as well). I've found that spamming helicopters seems to fill up the bar fairly quickly, it may be based on mana used for spawning additional enemies.
  16. Likely since it's a guide. Maybe the OP could be added to "Trading Post Rules and Tips." (Specifically the tips part of it).
  17. Seriously guys?? This all over again?? Weren't we thru this less than a week ago? Really, it's fine, leave it as it is, time to move on. Some people just like to complain. If you don't like getting good rewards go back to something older where the chance isn't as high.
  18. Well I would like event items to be better, I can understand the reasons why they should not be op. Right now the very best accesories reach about 300 in one stat, previously it was 100. I would if the event accesories were a guaranteed good item, that could reach somewhere around 150 with one stat and continued to look cool. I've heard what I believe are mostly just rumours about event items being locked to the receivers account. If the rewards had stats that compared to endgame gear, I think that locking them to an account would be fine because people could and would use them. I would r
  19. +1 for event items being useful. In the past I liked event items because I could trade them for some useful gear. It would be cool if I could hang to the event item and gain useful gear at the same time.
  20. is the event to late? and is there a way to getn otifications when a new event is posted? i just realized that trendy was awesome and has events frequently :D kudos kudos. Event rewards are provided by Trendy but the actual hosting is done by a group of awesome volunteers. And be sure to sign up in the proper thread (not here) which is here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?87173-POLYBIUS-Doomsday-Event-Sign-up-Thread!-12-14-12-16 A new signup thread is put up for each weeks events.
  21. SID: Beorn424 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beorn424 Saturday A
  22. I've had a lot of fun playing Tower Wars. It's unique from any other map or challenge, making it a lot of fun (supreme accesories don't hurt either). I definetely dislike that my pet targets 'mobs' that are on my team, and the dying when switching characters is also a nuisance. Hopefully these issues will be fixed soon. But the gameplay is a lot of fun and those two small issues won't stop me from playing it quite a bit over the next few days.
  23. I would say the top ones are Jester, Monk, or Barb. The Jester is mainly used as for surviving/upgrader for long sessions because of its fast speed, high health and fast upgrade speed. The monk is mainly used for when everything is upgraded and all it needs is defense boost, the monks are really good with good pets. Last but not least, The barb is used for flat out dps and killing all the ogres and bosses because of its hawk stance and turtle stance but is rather slow and a slow upgrader.Although all of these classes have their pros and cons, i would say if you are starting off choose the monk
  24. Nice sneak peek pic, 35x35 pix, I think Jer loves swords, and I think I can make out a sword and shield on a white character, a lot of rocks, but the red striped object has me stumped! I thought that the red striped object was a shield. Can't wait for more previews!
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