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  1. I remember Nexus' tavern, it was awesome. I would definitely like to see a new and bigger tavern.
    I'm going to guess that the Christmas decor will go in tomorrows patch to be replaced with a pink and red valentines theme.
  2. I also just soloed sky o love nightmare this weekend. It wasn't quite as bad as I've been led to believe. Although it still took me an hour.
    Looking forward to trying this new map! It looked pretty cool from what I saw of the livestream.
  3. I'd just like to say...

    BBCode has been around since 1998 and has supported image embedding since the very beginning.

    We still have users who can't figure out how to embed images?
    I mean I could understand if the forum used Textile (because srsly, wtf Textile)

    I mean, what do they think this button does?

    Or do they not know how to use google?

    For me image tags weren't the problem. I discovered those when I explored the options I had when posting. I would have to say the trickiest part is getting a link from steam that works for embedding.
    We obviously need a guide for people to see how to imbed pictures. Take a look at all the links in the pc trading forums, hopefully this will change that.
  4. Could this be stickied in the trading forums since this is where pictures are most often used? It would be extremely helpful. I just learned how to get the pictures to work properly a couple of weeks ago myself.
    There is this thread:Trading Post Rules and Tips which is already stickied. It's kind of lacking on the tips so maybe Articuno's original post could be added to that thread.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this Articuno.
  5. I was not ready for the boss on the first wave and was still on a builder as a result. (I think I may have been with towlie). I found it frustrating as a result of that. Although I didn't actually have fun playing it I did like the concept and the map is awesome. A bit of practice ahead of time to know what to expect would have solved all that.

    Looking forward to the next map you cook up Alhanalem!
  6. If I follow the link in the OP I get this message:
    An error was encountered while processing your request:
    The item is either marked as hidden or you do not have permission to view it.
    If I search through the workshop I'm only finding The Realm of Polybius part 1.
    I'm looking forward to playing this!

    Edit: Nvm all that, It is on the work shop now.
  7. I would just like to see a larger mana pool on players besides the 2b cap. Or at least make the action fail when you try to sell to many mana tokens to the Tavern to help protect noobs like myself.

    While it may be very difficult to fill your inventory with tokens, it is very easy to fill your 2b pool. That's where the problem starts to occur. Limiting the amount of mana you can hold without tokens does not discourage hacking. It does, however, discourage playing the game. It is an inconvenience that serves little or no effective purpose.

    Removing the mana cap has been suggested before. From my understanding the engine used for this game limits the biggest value at 2 billion. Anyhow whatever it is, there is some technical restriction that effectively limits the mana cap to 2 billion.
  8. Nah, the people who picked the deforest one's didn't pick them for the stats or looks. They picked them since they would be the rarest. Knowing this they are all not going to sell them until the price inflates ridiculously high. At least, that's my theory.

    A question of my one for Elmo or Dredd. Would you be willing to tell the difference numberwise between the most picked and the least picked. Not specifying which is most common or least common of course. I just think it would be an interesting statistic.
  9. Nothing prevents you from starting from wave 28 afaik. You just need to reach it first on PS. I do believe HC makes it worth to do on normal survival.

    I know, that's partly why I said it would be faster next time. I guess I wasn't the clearest. And I agree that if you have the stats for it you should do surivival for HC.

    I can sympathize, I was playing with a friend when I disconnected with just 7 enemies left on wave 35. That was back when it had just been released. I was a bit angry at the time.
  10. I recently just tried pure strategy for the first time. I found it slower since I had to start at wave 8 vs 28. If I were to do it again it would likely go faster than insane because of the lack of ogres. However I won't be doing it again because of the 3 kobolds I was rewarded were definitely worse than what you generally see for survival. Insane HC survival is the place to farm kobolds, nightmare gives them too good of a quality causing rollovers. That of course makes them worse.
  11. Very nice work Cr4zy.
    I was reading the modding area of the forums once and say that helms deep was a work in progress. At the time it appeared that you had abandoned the map. I'm glad you didn't, it looks awesome!

    I did notice a dry spot between the river and wall opening that leads to the lake. I'm not sure if that's intentional or the water not working properly? I just thought that the river should flow out of the lake.
    Anyhow, great map!
  12. I thought both Krytykal Stryke and Crystal Gun were better than pawnshots? Provided that you come across one with good stats that is.

    I'm not an expert on huntresses, but I believe I've read that a Krytykal Stryke can out dps a pawn shot because of how quickly it shoots. I would assume a good crystal gun would at least be a pawnshots equal. The pawnshot is definitely easier to acquire than the other two.
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