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  1. I just spent a week starting a new character and working up to hallowed gear with a friend. I'm more excited about the fact that PC will be getting another update, although it likely still a couple of months away. Here's a list of what has be hinted at for PC: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/official-terraria-irc-plugdj-spoilers-thread.96063/
  2. A couple of pages all posted by a spam bot. Why are all the moderators offline when you need one? (Please remove this post when you do get online and clean up the forums. Hopefully it's soon)
  3. Well I would try to cap damage if at all possible to start. When I upped my Barbarian's set after capping hero damage I moved to health for survivability. I guess if you want damage over survivability you could up hawk stance (personally I wouldn't) with any points you have left after you cap hero damage.
  4. [QUOTE]Winners, we’ll be in touch, but it would really help us A LOT if you would just email us with a link to your Steam profile page.[/QUOTE] I have never won (never entered either) but if you haven't already I would suggest you send a pm to Laurawantscow with your profile link.
  5. Beorn424


    Rageamok is correct that you do need all the achievements that make up Legendary Defender as well as those for the Eternia Shards pack. I believe that Ultimate Defender was the 88th achievement added. The only achievements that are not necessary for Ultimate Defender are: Not So Silent Night, Playing Anti-Cupid, Greater Turkey Hunter, Winter Wonderland, Pumpkin Party, and Anniversary Defender.
  6. Beorn424 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beorn424 Sunday B
  7. Beorn424 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beorn424 Saturday A
  8. Congratulations! I would agree that the original achievements do take the most time, but when ultimate defender is your goal it is worth the effort.
  9. As far as I know that is the way it has always been. That being said I started playing in June of last year so it may have been different prior to that.
  10. Congrats on your fat cat. I certainly agree that they are extremely helpful.
  11. Gladius is the most commonly used now because with its fast swing it has the best normal dps. I voted for the steamsaw however because it will have the best damage from hawkstance. If you are only using your barbarian for boss killing the steamsaws are likely the better choice. That being said you will likely have an easier time finding gladius's since they are currently farmed much more frequently than steam saws now.
  12. You can use an xbox controller to play, I don't have one but I think it's just plug it in and play. You can play in open while not online and level up. However, the preferred online place to play is ranked and heroes from open can't be used in ranked.
  13. Well goodbye, although I don't know you. It's really unfortunate what happened to you. I hope this doesn't permanently ruin Dungeon Defenders for you and that you will be back sometime in the future. In the meantime I will miss being told I should bid and your colourful posts.
  14. Beorn424 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beorn424 Saturday A
  15. [QUOTE]Should I continue my art . . . ?[/QUOTE] Don't ask rhetorical questions :p Of course you should continue.
  16. Awesome, going to try it now! Love it! I'll need to work on the build a bit though.
  17. I don't wanna talk about it... This was even funnier!! :D
  18. I think it's because of the question. Map contest = new map(s) = more fun playing DD Since this is the Dungeon Defenders community it seems logical to me that people would be for it :D
  19. Just use the shortcut 'g'. Should work as long as you don't play with a controller.
  20. Beorn424 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beorn424 Saturday A
  21. Congrats CrzyRndm! Awesome that you're a Total War fan!
  22. To answer your question though, there is a report post button on the bottom left of each post. It's underneath the person's profile and on the same line as the reply button.
  23. Awesome work as always! I'm going to miss your artwork.
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