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  1. I didn't see this mentioned before, but if the concept of fixing the RNG is to be legitimately looked into: people like CrzyRndm and a few others have put extensive testing into the RNG issue over these years. They have determined, for the most part, why it becomes broken once in high-level play and how it could be fixed without messing up lower-level play in the process. With only minor stopping points in making it work out (some of those related to limitations of the DDDK, from my recollection.)

    They have posted extensive threads about it in the past, and could likely provide a wealth more information beyond that. This is likely why nobody has posted about RNG ideas in this particular thread. We'd just be repeating stuff that's already been said (about a subject most of us know far less about.) I'd say reaching out to those people who did the DDDK/code research would be your best bet on that front. And that there is hope. <3

    The community was also told at one point that an RNG fix was not going to happen. However, if Trendy is now willing to fix it that would be amazing. I do recall reading a thread where CrzyRndm had made a fix, all I know about it (which isn't very much) I learned from his posts.
  2. No offense taken. People using the search function is always an excellent thing.

    I am part of a forum that is nearing 900 pages worth of "Quick Questions/Quick Answers" so I might be more willing than some to type a quick response sharing what I know on a given topic. If questions were only asked and answered once in that thread there would likely only be 100 or less pages.
  3. Coal comes from Winter Wonderland NM. There is a small coal from the lower difficulties but it doesn't have any trading value. A coal might be worth about 12-14 billion mana, I think. A cube from what I'm gathering since starting up again is worth about 80-90 billion mana. It seems to be the going rate to trade 6 coal for one cube.

    The significance of coal is that when you collect 88 of them you get to spawn a diamond, using the coal up.

    Cubes where a limited item, but like anything else they can be hacked. Very likely many of the cubes being traded are hacked but they are an accepted currency item that will continued to be used. Mana trades simply don't happen for high tier items because of how inflated PC prices have become. The example of a 10 cube item has a mana equivalent of about 800 billion mana, unfortunately you don't have that much inventory space.

    My pricing might be off, I haven't played much in the past year or so. When I stopped cubes were worth 180 billion and coal was trading for 12 coal for a cube.

    To other PC players, lets all welcome the former PS3 players and answer their questions even if they may have been answered before.
  4. I actually stumbled upon sometime in the past week. There a lot of good points in there. It would have been nice to have had that guide available back when I started playing, I'm sure I would have been a lot less of a nuisance to people.

    That said, even as an experienced player it is always important to keep in mind the behavior that other players are expecting from you.
  5. I have an ultimate set from back before I stopped playing about a year ago.
    Now that I've started playing from level zero up I'm going to sell it.

    Here it is with just the armor:

    And the individual pieces:



    Current Offer:

    I also had some saws and a cat that I used with the set on my barbarian so I'm auctioning them as well.

    Saw 1:

    Current Offer:

    Saw 2:

    Current Offer:


    Current Offer:

    Everything was checked by Sir Pancakez (Pg 475 of the Item Check Thread)
    Everything looks possible.

    I'll accept the usual currency coal and cubes. If someone does offer event items I would use the values listed in other ongoing auctions, since I'm not up to speed on there current values.
  6. I had an ultimate set for my barbarian back before I quit playing about a year ago. I'm intending to sell it now but I before I do I'd like to have checked.

    And the Saws

    And the cat

    Thanks in advance
  7. I came originally for trading. Stuck around for DD discussion. Events kept me here longer than I otherwise would have stayed.

    And know I drop in very occasionally to check and see how inflated prices have become and see what is new with DD2. I wasn't at all excited for the MOBA but I'm looking forward to what DD2 is now becoming.
  8. It is becoming apparent that this giveaway may take several days to do. I will probably close shop soon, and resume over the next few days. Get in while you can though, I will announce when the shop is going to go down in a bit.

    Although it technically wouldn't be the proper place to host it, hosting it as a game rather than a shop would likely make the giveaway go faster.
  9. First of all, do not log back in to Dungeon Defenders. You will need to contact trendy and they should be able to restore your lost heroes. This is a known issue that occurs from time to time. I'll Edit my post with how to contact them when I find it.

    [QUOTE]1.Close down Steam. Look if there is a Steam outage or announcement from Trendy on server issues.
    2.If there is no outage do not back into your Ranked account anymore.
    3.Send an email to [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email] and include your the link to your Steam profile page, names of your characters, your characters levels, and the time-frame of when you last used/saw them. Providing as much detail as possible helps Trendy out including any messages that it happened after a crash or an outage. Name the email "[Lost Characters] - YourSteamID". Please only send one email message.
    4.Trendy will then look into your email and contact you back.
    5.While you wait for a response do not go back into your Ranked account and create more characters. Also please refrain from going into ranked to check if your heroes are back as both of these things can hamper restore requests from being successful. Plus a restore will overwrite any new changes made to the account.
    And a thread where it came from with more info: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?41078-Lost-Characters-or-Items
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