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  1. Are you taking event items? Or just armor/cubes? Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk I'm not looking for other event items, I'd prefer to keep it to armor, cubes and diamonds. Do note I have some values for armor up now. Edit: I believe I have the current offers up to date again. If not let me know but they likely won't be fixed until morning.
  2. I've been chatting with ReZilience and my armor values were too low. We came up with the following values: 3 stat capping ultimate dps piece at 18 cubes 4 stat capping ultimate tower piece at 18 cubes 3 stat ultimate+ dps piece at 50 cubes 4 stat ultimate+ tower piece at 40 cubes 3 stat dps pieces would have hp, hero damage, and ability 2. Please let me know if you think these values need to be adjusted, I am willing to adjust them within the next 24 hours but after that they will be locked in.
  3. Thank you for your bids, I'm assuming you are only bidding on the first battle cruiser?
  4. Current offers updated. If I missed someone's bid please let me know. Thanks for your bids. I have decided I should have some standardized armor prices. The values I had here were too low, and the op has been changed to reflect that.
  5. I recently tried getting back into Dungeon Defenders, but my heroes didn't even make it up to level 60 before my interest in DD1 was gone. I've decided I may as well auction off what event items I still have and let some other people enjoy them. There are certain people who are looking for specific event items, so now is your chance to get them. I will be giving away whatever I receive in payment for this auction. Here are all the traces: [spoiler] Stieglitz http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?78091-Dungeon-Defender-s-One-Year-Anniversary-Event!-10-19-10-25&p=663071&am
  6. The time should work for me, and this is something I would like to learn about. Edit: It looks like company is coming for the weekend so I won't be able to join in.
  7. Canada did have some smaller vehicle manufacturers in the past but none of them were very successful. It's to bad Ford doesn't make the Excursion any more, that was a real SUV. My family had one, only you measured fuel economy in gallons/mile (not really but it was pretty bad). Statistics aren't everything, be sure to pick a vehicle that you like the way it rides. I'd also think you might want to consider the quality of customer service you think you will receive from the dealer you buy from. There are two Ford dealers 20 minutes or less from where I live, I would never buy a vehicle fro
  8. Steam achievements only register when you are playing in ranked. I noticed you were playing in open, which is fine when playing with friends or just for fun. The majority of the community spends their time on ranked as there should be less people with gear that doesn't occur naturally. Unfortunately it's still a good idea to stick with playing with a few trusted friends. Keep on defending!
  9. I hate it when people complain about a game.
  10. That's why having a trace for event items is now so important.
  11. Helmet - Double Cap [spoiler][/Spoiler] Chest - Single Cap [spoiler][/Spoiler] Gloves - Single cap [spoiler][/Spoiler] Boots - Single cap [spoiler][/Spoiler] I put the pictures in spoilers for you. I would suggest reading this guide for future reference on posting pictures.
  12. Who says I'm wearing shoes? Why don't you want to talk about animals? Don't you like animals?
  13. The reserve for each of them is 3 cubes You might have missed this.
  14. My first impression was "So much purple" but I think I'm beginning to like it. The blue does look nice but it's a bit too bright for my liking. I did not like the gold link version of the purple. I do agree that the thumbs up button should be improved.
  15. "It lacks about 11 votes to win in the standings" Let's have a few more votes!
  16. Not to mention a lot of these items are going to be spread out to the community if I win. Enjoy all the items coming through me. Maybe those items should be spread out to the community regardless of whether or not you win. I know Eagle gave away a lot of left over event items. This auction is way out of my league so good luck to all the participants.
  17. Good to hear that bug has been fixed. Good job on fixing the problem rather than pretending it didn't exist.
  18. I'm sorry Vys but Junbao has you beat for Monk Master. Remember the monk's vow of silence, well a Monk Master must post less than half a post a day (on average). Right now you're posting at least 13 posts a day. It would take at least 456 days of silence for your average to reach that level. :monk:
  19. Cows are some of the most delicious animals out there. That's one reason why I like them. The sign of a true animal lover. Also I read coworkers as cow workers in loxp's post. It's really good to hear that the work environment has improved. People do better quality work in an environment that they are comfortable in.
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