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  1. I misunderstood this achievement.
  2. I always thought that damaged scaled better even for the legendary heroes, apparently not. I did some testing and although damage doesn't scale any better you can get better dps from legendary heroes due to a faster swing speed.
  3. I'm excited for this patch. Get it out soon Trendy!
  4. Check that you have the most recent patch, 7.40c. You most likely do not, try restarting steam or verifying the game files integrity through properties.
  5. I'm currently using a builder with 2pcs of supreme and 2pcs of mythical. I have the set bonus since they are all pristine. From my understanding each piece gets a bonus based on its quality, a mythical gets 30% and supreme gets 38%(I think).
  6. http://dungeondefenders.com/report-a-player that link should do the trick
  7. Try exiting out of steam through the steam menu in the upper left hand corner. You should have to log back into steam and then your game should update to the latest version. This worked for my brother (his game wasn't auto updating), but if you have already reinstalled the game then I'm not sure if this will help.
  8. they would have if they hadn't done the most recent patch.
  9. I'll second that, it's mana value is too ridiculous to upgrade.
  10. Well I would have to say it's the most fun I've had in DD in a while. To anyone who has 3k+ stats and thinks it's too easy, go ahead and grind elsewhere.
  11. I'd like a dlc code. I have some of the dlc's but not nearly as many as I want. :) (All of them)
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