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  1. I started from scratch when testing the latest patch and discovered that post campaign maps can reward Mythical gear for completion even on very low difficulty levels. I know Palantir, Tavern Defense, and Moonbase all reward mythical gear of varying levels of quality on Medium difficulty.  I think I even got a mythical from easy Palantir, not that it was much better than a godly. 

    I'd say Tavern Defense might be a good one for you to try because it does have good xp. Moonbase tended to reward better myths. 

    I should mention that all the drops on the ground will be complete garbage, I only did these maps for the map completion rewards.

    Oh and for leveling, if you aren't already using an emulator be sure to get one. Or if you have controllers lying around that you can plug in, that works too.

  2. Here it is for everyone to see.  

    To get the picture to work I had to right click on the image in the linked page and then select "Open image in a new tab". I then used the url from the new tab with the imbed picture tool that the forum has.

    Good luck with your auction.


  3. I've noticed a bug with the "Dynamic Tower Lighting" option. When you disable "Dynamic Tower Lighting" it will stay disabled for that games session. However, if you close Dungeon Defenders the next time you start the game up it will be enabled again.  It's just a bit inconvenient to have to disable it every time you play.

  4. I just reached wave 15 on medium difficulty (no HC) at Magus Quarters and thought I would report back on the pets. Removing HC does make the pets drop from requiring level 70 to level 30, along with a reduction in loot quality (which is to be expected.) 

    I don't really think that the pets I am getting when hardcore is enabled deserve the level 70 requirement. Anyhow I thought I would post some screenshots to show exactly what is dropping. The first dragon has a level 30 requirement.

    Summit Easy HC




    Magus Quarters Medium HC




    Magus Quarters Medium




    On an entirely different note, are there any spoiler tags that I can put all these images in?

  5. Good work on the update, I am looking forward to trying the new content although I haven't made it there yet.

    The dynamic tower lighting option does significantly improve performance when disabled which is greatly appreciated when playing on a lower end PC.

    I am playing with lower level heroes and am glad to see that the weapons are no longer all godly. I have noticed another loot drop that seems to consistently have a level requirement significantly higher then it should be. I have done two Magus Quarters survivals on Medium HC and all 8 serpents that I received required level 70. I have also just finished a Summit survival on Easy HC and was rewarded with 3 level 70 dragons, but this time I did get a level 30 dragon as well. 

    It's been to long since I played these maps on lower difficulties so I can't say if that is where these drops have always been, but I thought I would share my observations so far. I do realize this is still a fairly small sample of runs and on only two maps so I will update this once I have done a few more survivals trying different maps. 

    I've just used lightning towers once since opting into the beta, and they do seem to be doing a good job. I think that was an insane Alchemy Labs.

  6. I just started playing again as well, also with all new characters. I've just been playing through the story on Medium difficulty with a friend, I noticed the level 60 weapons in the Deeper Well as you are describing. Aside from Deeper Well we have been able to find armour we could use on every level, however a lot of the weapon drops still seem to be Godly even when they shouldn't be.

    We just finished Endless Spires and are now at about Level 33, we are doing quite alright for gear. If weapons are still an issue I know for sure that the rewards from boss fights are still working properly.

  7. 60 cubes plus double cap diamond ( like 5 off triple cap)
    old ones stache

    I've just valued it as a double cap for the time being.

    The two sets valued at 78 each, 4 double caps, and 12 single caps, equaling 312.

    I think you need to be updating the Stieglitz price on your value list. :)

    And I believe I have the current offers up to date.
  8. Stieglitz: 144 cubes value (x8 Capping 4 Stat Tower Armour)

    And do I get anything extra with the fact being these are sets?

    I wasn't planning to do a bonus for sets, as it is the value falls at 72 cubes for a set. But.. I think I'll reconsider that, I'll value a capping set at 78 cubes. It's not much but a set should have a little more value than individual pieces.

    Current offers should be up to date again.

    I've been asked why I didn't just do a giveaway of my event items if I'm planning to giveaway what I receive in payment for this auction. I've seen certain WTB threads for event items that are in this auction. It gives those people a real opportunity to get the items they are after.

    Also I've updated the OP
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