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  1. I saw that buying early access is supposed to give you 4 premium bags, but I don't have them. My mailbox is empty (if they arrive there). Any ideas?
  2. Salted bread is delicious! "Chows down on some fresh focaccia bread" Clever photoshop job. :D
  3. Nope, it never happened. Everyone on the forums posting that they got one? Shills, fake accounts made by Trendy employees to fool you all. Long time posters? Obviously shill accounts playing the long game. :P Until I get a egg I don't believe it was ever so! And don't get me started on that moon landing either. >:(
  4. I get quests but I can't finish any of them. :(
  5. As soon as the closet is filled with too much junk to hide in anymore. :P
  6. Because 1/2 the time the people don't speak english, the other half the time they don't give a *** what you ask them to do.
  7. Sometimes when you start a match, no one has any mana for some reason, or there's only half a chest of it.
  8. Anyone else having trouble with the system, it just counts down to 0 then sits endlessly saying it's "joining a game" but never does.
  9. It gives about 5% range, which isn't really enough to matter.
  10. Since there is literally no point in upgrading ice towers now, just make them un-upgradable so that fools don't go around wasting mana on upgrading them. The only thing upgrading them gives now is more HP, and if you're worried about HP for ice towers, then you're doing something wrong.
  11. Microsoft gives you rewards for finding bugs, Google gives you rewards for finding bugs, why not Trendy? Giving a gem reward for confirmed bug reports would be a great PR coup for Trendy. It wouldn't really hurt your bottom line as far as sales are concerned, plus would encourage much more robust bug reporting. Not to mention that people like feedback on bug reports filed by the tavern keeper, I tend to not put bugs through him and only report on the forums because I never hear any feedback that way.
  12. They'll release a patch that nerfs betsy xp while leaving all the other xp alone, saying betsy was a bug.
  13. Sigh, been grinding this level all weekend and still no egg for me. :/
  14. Just to be contrary, I'll post that I loved it when 12 shots came out at a time, LASER TURRETS! Not like this game ever had much immersion for it anyways. :P Now the piss poor graphics on the squire uber, that's immersion breaking, I hope they fixed that.
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