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  1. I did it with Dragcon. It's my Squire score #6 with the time at 19:45. My Huntress score was higher then the Squire. I did the aura & blockers. He did the traps & squire stuff. The more I think about it, I probably made some extra mana on the first wave. That #2 score is not legit. I appreciate your honestly scoot. i will take trying for the leaderboards anytime over endless farmless, it's a welcome break especially when you have good company.
  2. How about some runs of glitt? I would do a survival run but i don't want to miss game two of the heats vs pacers on friday night.
  3. The first time I beat it, I didn't cheat. It just shows everyone that you don't have to wave skip to get the top spot on the leaderboards. I'm going try to beat it and 1 up you guys by doing it solo with 2 afk. I was messing around with a build for a bit but it needs some work. Most likely I'm gonna need help on this one. Yeah, i agree, OMM has 6 #1's all legit. It's just too bad some maps are not possible to overtake legitimately. by first time you mean, the previous #1 before today was with no glitches? I'm not doubting you, i can understand 1 or 2 minutes, but how did you finish it in alm
  4. I was around 1 today during the event. I don't know if I should thank you or go for it again lol. I gotta see this later when I get back online. If it's close then I think I will do it. I made a lot of mistake so their is room for improvements. Without glitches, it will be difficult, we did it really fast, but i noticed your time was 50% of OMM's time....hmm, wonder how you did it that fast?
  5. I swear your posts make me LOL more than anyone else's. Ty :) I totally forgot to include the double X endowed representatives of the forums, sorry Ravers, i really didn't know till recently. If you are XX, just replace "balls" with "eggs" in my original statement.
  6. I tried to beat your top score on the Chicken Challenge. Only tried once but got #6. My time was 9 mins when your was 12 mins. I didn't cheat, glitch or skip. I afk my Huntress with a Soul Focuser pointing toward the forge and ran back n forth with my mage. Did you use all four characters and is that the reason your time is longer? Yeap...i'll let you in a little secret since you seem interested, i only use 4 guys when i feel it's the only way to get the #1. I'm sure you know by now, more characters=higher mob count=higher potential score. Most of my scores are with less than 4, that way if s
  7. My thoughts are worth a lot more than a penny. But i'll share it with you, my eureka moment was when i was told by the mod that i had to post as though the readers on this forums balls haven't dropped yet. So if this concerns you, i apologize in advance. I cant think of another event that has shaped my DD experience for the better.
  8. I tried to beat it with 1 afk builder. To much work doing it solo. The first 2 waves only took maybe 30 seconds. I probably can do it if I can figure out a good build or have someone build for me. I went for a couple other top scores but no luck. It was a nice break from Moraggo. That was exactly my point, it's a change from just endless farming, as a side bonus, it forces you to alter and experiment with your builds. I just did chicken cuz it's been such a long time, took me 3 tries, but i got the #1 and #2 scores, that was a bonus :) Going for personal high scores works the same way, it sh
  9. No doubt. Just from looking at your time vs other. Your is very low. With one person building the whole time and you with the soul focuser makes sense then. Look at the other #1's i have, or has had, every single one done with no glitches. Ask anyone who has played with me if i wave skip when going for the leaderboards, as a matter of fact, i only skip in my extra controller on dlc's, i skipped a reg map one time only on glitter just to see the huge advantage for myself. Actually, i built and dps'ed, the other guy was dps'ing as well, i forgot his name, but he use to be on the forums. It's
  10. So HH your top score on Wizardy challenge was it done without a wave skip?the fact that you think I wave skipped is a compliment but no I didn't wave skip and as a matter of fact I had someone on the forums with me the reason why it was fast was because it was only with 2 people and I was using a soul focuser all my scores are done with no glitches
  11. Wow, a pleasant surprise, Trendy actually cares?
  12. The best thing is going for pure strategy leader boards on the earlier levels, because the wave completion bonuses are small and skipping waves actually makes you get a lower score, so their fair this kept me entertained for a bit, last time i checked i was number one for the first 7 levels on pure strategy, if someone beat my scores it would encourage me to play more. There's one major problem with pure strat, most people would rather choose to watch paint dry than play it to it's end, including myself. Biggest challenge on pure strat is repairing/upgrading fast enough during waves, no dram
  13. Hi, lol. And fyi I didn't skip any waves. Couldn't even skip back then. If wave skips were the key to leader board high scores then why doesn't everyone just go skip and put themselves on top? If its as simple as a wave skip then by all means go get me off #1. Seriously PLEASE! Lol. The person that commented about the friend request is 100% correct. Its a curse!! The friend request are so beeping annoying, lol. I didnt say you skipped any waves, sorry but i didn't know people even played deeper well anymore, especially on insane+. i checked your score and time and it looks legit. But look
  14. Just be prepared to get a ton of random friend request. Lmao! I warned you! Btw, top 10 and you were hit.
  15. If you run out of things to do i have a couple of suggestions, get your subs to 90, or get #1's on the leaderboards. There are some maps like ramparts and glitter that is impossible to get #1's because some people choose to skip waves. You can tell who they are their ridiculous times. But try to get #1's without skipping,or other glitches, it's fun.
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