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  1. Could one be banned for obtaining hacked mana from someone else? Whether or not you know its hacked or not. No. No.
  2. It would dissapear aww lame. thanks for info CrzyRndm!
  3. What would happen if i had 500mil mana and sold an item worth 200mil mana? what would happen to the extra mana ?
  4. I see plenty of games. they probably all have their settings changed to allow a certain level higher than yours.
  5. Is electric aura weak? compared to my harpoon it seems that the electric aura will do less dps. should i still use it ?
  6. Becuase If im playing a squire and i hop onto a dps character, my harpoons will do less damage. is playing multiple characters at the same time with controllers mandatory in order to progress?
  7. So it's come to this, now people are afraid to use that?! :-O Trendy fix this please, it's damaging your awesome game way more than any hacker. fix what, exactly ?
  8. Do you think its possible for me to do it on a tower sqire with 1280/1909/1102/1744 ?
  9. Dunno but guys, i bought the game about 1 week ago and iam already have 4 charas with 2k and my dps monk has 2.7k hero attk. Didnt notice any gap. You cant tell me that a gap of farming endless spires for 1 or doing one magus survival can be called a gap. Use the guide section of this forum more. Its very usefull and provided alot of help. Also that sky city thing? Haha. with a decent build your never EVER! going to have problems with those copters. They can land behind my defenses. It can be one two or three but in the end some archers and 1 mage can easily handle that problem. Another tip
  10. This dude in my group is pretty beast has 3000+ every stat
  11. why do people kick people with better gear than them ??
  12. I tested Servant Quarters survival nm hc a while a go because someone here mentioned it as a good XP map. I put down some XP numbers I got from the waves: Wave 16 2.4m Wave 17 2.8m Wave 19 2.8m Wave 20 3m Wave 21 3.5m Wave 22 3.3m Wave 23 3.4m Wave 24 3.5m Wave 25 1.9m Easy map, lots of mini-ogres and no goplin chopters :) Sounds good. im about to try this out with a friend! What do you mean by unable to find this map? It's a standard Eternia Shards level. It's listed under the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards button, just like Mistymire Forest and Moraggo Desert T
  13. Hey, you should check open; EVERYONE is 90 because of that stupid instant-90 map. -_- I'd prefer to stay on ranked. if i went to open it sounds like everyone is in the best gear and downing maps easily. i prefer to work for my gear, its just funner that way and i wont get bored of the game as quick.
  14. They just added stronger gear to the game, thats all.
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