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  1. I alt-tab a bit myself, only had a few crashes but i usually don't click the icon, but i know what your talking about. I usually ALT-TAB back into the game but sometimes out of habit I'll click the icon and... boom. Crash.
  2. Most of the time when I ALT-TAB out to the desktop to do something, and I click the Dungeon Defenders icon in the taskbar, Dungeon Defenders will crash. If I ALT-TAB back into the game, it doesn't crash. Only when I click the icon. I thought they fixed ALT-TAB crashes a while back in a patch. Apparently not.
  3. It only gets the boost when its not activatet atm Best way to solve this ... Start the wave ~> activate Towerboost ~> activate Trap by your self. :-) It last as long your trap does. My english su**s i hope you get what i want to say :D Yep. That did it. Activated tower boost before Inferno Trap went off and its boosted. Hmm. Wonder why it doesn't just get boosted like all other towers do with tower boost.
  4. Is it just me or does the Monk Tower Boost not boost Inferno Trap damage? It used to but I've have yet to see it boost my Inferno Traps even though I'm standing right next to them. Is that normal?
  5. Happened to my wife a few times, also at the Kraken fight. The screen turns slightly black (a bit transparent), the HUD was gone and she couldn't do anything. After the fight was over everything was alright again. Thought that maybe the Notebook causes that behavior. Maybe that helps. She's been using an Asus N7 Notebook mith NVidia GPU. Since Sky City she's also not able to play with us anymore, 'cause she has barely a slideshow. Before SC hits we've been easily able to play Aqua NmHcMM Survival till the end without any issues. Now it's a really pain for her to "play" Aqua in a slowm
  6. A friend and I have been doing Boss Rush for a while now on NM and once in while when we get to the Krakens, he'll get glitched inside one of the middle crystals and can't do anything. He says he just goes to black screen but he can't move. On my screen his character just stands there but isn't glitched inside anything. I've never had that issue and I host everytime. Client-Side Issue? Not Sure. Happening to anyone else?
  7. It's not that I care soo much about the music, it's the fact that it's really annoying while I'm meleeing multiples orges over and over.
  8. I'm not sure if it's only me but whenever I do Boss Rush (Only done it on NM) and face the Spider Queens, if I take a second to kill an orge, everytime I hit the orge with a melee attack the Spider Queen music restarts and starts skipping. Music is fine on every other boss (Or I just haven't noticed it). I only experience it on the Spider Queen bosses. Not sure if anyone else is having issues with this. Is it just me? EDIT: Fixed in 7.39 Patch Notes. Can anyone confirm? I also noticed it during the Genie King too. The lamp sound skips when attacking Orges.
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