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  1. Same for me and my friends. Please look into it ASAP.
  2. Agreed. It was a bit of a shock that I could not play the maps I wanted. One of the many great things about DD1 was the connection to the maps. You would log in to play that map and perfect your build even further. Now my favorite maps are not even in rotation. The player numbers are dropping: https://steampulse.com/game/dungeon-defenders-ii
  3. - "Blame the players, not the game!" A winning concept.
  4. I personally semi-gave up. Trendy will do what trendy wants to do. They will only follow minor feedback like silly influence votes between 2 things or if something causes a mass exodus. This game wont be as good as DD1 for a very very long time, if ever. This. My expectations for this game is now low. Trendy thought they could reinvent the wheel without a plan and no real goals. After so many great contributions from players like Gigazelle this game could have been great by now. Are they too proud to use good ideas that are not their own? And I find it insulting that DD2 is regularly introduc
  5. Probably best for trendy not to say too much. I think they might be creating a plan now for the first time. Give them some time to figure out what they want to do with the game.
  6. Yes exactly. But if you ask me, none of the alternatives are really attractive :) Monthly quests should not exist like this. Something like this would really be more fun. "Attention all Defenders! There is currently a massive attack on the Throne Room! Everyone who participates in the defense will be compensated handsomely. (X medals)"
  7. I may be reading this wrong... But you spent 10 rnds... about an hourish maybe slightly more on onslaught and expected to have the monthly? MONTHLY. Not a daily! Ya Monthly is plenty good for a casual if anything too easy.. AGAIN MONTHLY It felt like a pure waste of time. It completley misses the the target on how i want to spend my time ingame.
  8. The monthly is no good as a casual. The last monthly i did was 30 waves of onslaught if i remember correct. So i did those and my game time was up for that weekend. Never again.
  9. [[31834,users]] you talk like a real old school pro as usual with Great insight. But there is a balance we have not mentioned. Maybe the most important: fun vs balance. [[43105,users]] thats why you get my vote. I want to have fun now and for a few years tops. And ending up maybe a bit op is ok anyways. Great Thread!
  10. Well I hope the developers are not taking the decisions even tho it feels like that with DD2 at times. For sure DD2 needs an strategy with a clear vision from at least one person who can see what the game should be. This person would test the code and verify its according to plan. This is the part I believe is missing. The art work and sound is really amazing and keeping the game floating and the coders... well its hard to judge but they sure can produce a working game. So all that is left to "blame" is the product manager (or something similar for game studios) not really succeeding in creat
  11. The alarm should be ringing when Brett needs a wall of text to explain stats. The system is now so complicated that even developers does not like the system. You even say "This would be WORSE than that"?? Is that the standard you guys now have? If it's "less bad" then its good enough. The players could do with a much much simpler system that makes sense but ALSO the developers could need a clear way to work. When implementing passives like you guys are now, you never know where its going, will it even be a passive or maybe an uber? Ubers can be good or bad, passives can be good or bad and be r
  12. This is great work but more importantly I would play that game. This logic that you implement makes it really immersive but still simple. I want Absolute gear now. Since early on various people have wanted to understand the logic sometimes. I quit at once I heard the dev stream talking about the Poision Dart as a "beefy blockade". Like the last drop. However, DD1 was so awesome that I stick around to wait and see :) Actually I would like to challenge Brett the system designer here to comment on an possible approach like this :)
  13. Remove or expand the Hero Deck at least for solo for now. A bonus would also be to remove lane resistance (Let different mobs have their own resistances, same for all lanes and all maps. Don't micro manage the game for me). Let me enjoy ALL my heroes and their towers. I want the freedom to build my way. I would buy different skins to match the different roles for each hero. I would also pay good money for awesome tower and weapon skins. Clean up and improve existing content for a while (balance towers to make them all somewhat viable and bug fixes, passives vs ubers etc). What would make you o
  14. Agreed. I keep my fingers crossed as It is never too late for a decent game plan. Å good start could be: should creeps hit the core from spawn?
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