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  1. Why do you say that? Do you mean with no mic or ...?
  2. You will fit in quite well here. I hope so, I exepect to be here for quite a while c:
  3. I have come to realize that a lot of people use there gamertags are their usernames. >.
  4. My life consists of Dungeon Defenders, bacon, mint chocolate chip ice cream, pizza bites, & my two favorite boys <3 Lmfaao.
  5. Probably will later.. What is your psn gamertag?
  6. LOL I will draw you soon! I promise! And it'll be my best work! ASDFGHJKL; Yay! I'll draw you something if you'd like as well ? I don't know. Just thought I'd be nice .. xD .
  7. Doesn'y anyone have lives anymore like >:(
  8. Lol welcome back to the forums now you'll never be able to leave!:) Well alteast I'll make good friends.
  9. I can't sit still for more than an hour. I always get up and do something. I'll have my five year old brother hold r2 while I get up and clean.
  10. It would be a pleasure my lady! Any special color you would like? lol :D Hmmmm. Blue ? C:
  11. I honestly can not remember. I used to play. Once I got back on I had atleast three pages filled with just blasticus. But of course they weren't worth much because of everything yhat has changed.
  12. Well hi there. I'm xxGoddessxx or On PSN Pepsimaniak or DD Jimmythepie <3 I am new to this website. I want to be able to make some friends that I can play DD with because all my other friends think I'm weird because I am a girl & I play video games. I used to play DD when the lvl cap was 70 and I was all like HEEEEY I'M BOSS. Then I left the game came back and I felt like a neewb. Well, talk to me because I am bored and sad because my control is about to die and I don't know where my charger is ): I am in the US by the way. c:
  13. asdfghjkl; BEAUTIFUL <3 Draw Meeee ;DDDD
  14. :c I can't believe I stopped playing DD. When I used to play (Lvl 70 cap) Even 2k was good. But now I feel like a neeeewb. -.-
  15. I was just shocked, I was afk and all :p. Usually when I go afk or afc as some of my friends say I just die over and over again and then get kicked because I don't have many friends who play Dungeon Defenders. And well the ones that do don't play as often as I do. Since I'm on about half of the day.
  16. Haaa. You sound soo happy c:
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