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  1. I'm not sure if you've realized this yet but people in the baconators group are so close we can read each others minds. Oh. I thought I was going crazy. Hearing all those voices in my head.
  2. A Smelly Dog Farts Heavy Gas Happily Just Knowing Lambkabobs; How did you know what I meant ? O:
  3. Yippee! Just realized we have another baconator! I think I have an addiction. But atleast I know I'm not alone. Ohh.. I didn't even think about trying to walk in. *walks in* WHOA! the interior of your house is made entirely from BACON ..You are the Goddess of bacon! :D I think this should be the headquarters it is so sneakily baconized. I'm quite pleased you like my home c: I am the Goddes of bacon? I am so flattered (:
  4. I am moving in with you.. Yes that is me persistently knocking... if you don't answer soon I am not responsible for what might happen to your door. >_> My door is unlocked. Walk right in if you'd like. Any Defender here is welcome in my home. As long as they share the bacon.
  5. Oawww. :| What's up with him? He had an asthma attack but would not even consider going to the hospital. I was scared something bad might happen to him. But once he actually calmed down he was fine.
  6. Do you like it fatty & chewy, crispy & crunchy, etc. ? I personally like it in all ways. But I like to dip mine in maple syrup. Or just get the maple flavored bacon :D..
  7. We never run out :3 Sometimes I panic because we will have 10 or less strips and then BAM couple hours later there are four more packs :DDDD
  8. Mcdonalds & school -.- xDD. c:
  9. asdfghjkl; you guys are my bestfriends... c:
  10. You ate almost all the bacon .. how could you :c
  11. I'm watching my love puke up nothing and he can't breathe.. how can I cheer up ? -.-
  12. *in nerdy loner voice* your purty ;ddddddddddd
  13. Oh okay. Thank you. And well, I'm pretty sure I'll get along with you guys fairly well. I call that making friends :3
  14. Welcome to the club :) Yay!!!!! ... c:
  15. Yea, like I'll be doing it in about a half an hour.
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