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  1. I mean, I've only been playing since January. It's still very fun. Only in about July did I actually get the DLCs that would probably be why I'm not as bored as most of you. There is still a lot to do in the game. >.< I'm downloading the last DLC now. :3
  2. But Jason you are my favorite playing buddy
  3. I'm only playing long enough to get the new dlc and get to 83 then I'm done playing. I see no point after that?
  4. I remember I was called the goddess of bacon and my house was the HQ but no one remembers me because I'm not popular )':
  5. Every day is international Bacon Day.
  6. Singing Play guitar/piano Listening to music soccer
  7. Pc players are so lucky -.- They think there isn't much point in playing anymore but their content spreads far more then ps3 does.
  8. 480$ A year, I'm a teenager, this funds do not reach my needs I make 2160$ a year :3
  9. Gee I'm not even that pushy on spelling :( I'm just kidding. :P I love sponge bob. C:
  10. I'd like to know what the rules are for this weeks event >.
  11. ASDF Movie! :D Yes! I love every one of them the 5th one isn't as funny as the rest but still >.
  12. I told my boyfriend to take notes. c:
  13. "Ello Parking Meter" "Ellooooo"
  14. Some black gyus broke my glasses :c Now I have to sit really close to me tv
  15. The only thing I find funny is that you spelt carnival wrong.
  16. I am honored(: My brother is also a Defender of Etheria . But alas he does not love Bacon :C
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