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  1. I honestly don't know much about app. weapons since the ones I use I got from a friend. But don't be afraid of online gaming, some of us are really nice ^-^. I'm on pretty much all day every day, so if you ever feel like playing add me on PSN : Pepsimaniak. Doing war of the djin or marrago you can get some good app. weapons.
  2. My ex used to play it everyday when I was over, so I bought it so I could actually understand what he was doing. Then we'd always wanted to play together so we ended up spending more time apart and on DD then hanging out.. xD.
  3. When I ask them to stand somewhere specific or ask them to ready up and they dont D:
  4. If you need some help lvling or just want to do some runs.. Add me on PSN : Pepsimaniak
  5. After the events stopped and then everyone left. Honestly, that's no reason to quit a game.. And people still host events.. Just not with new items.
  6. I've been gone a month and it seems the forums, atleast the console discussion/ trading are dead.. It saddens me to see everyone gone, DD is still an awesome game, I mean there is still so much to do.
  7. Deleted my squire by accident too, but this was back when the cap was 70 so, it wasn't a big deal.. But I was so upset D:
  8. Whenever I do giraffe run, I usually just do it on easy and put in 3 afk controllers. I usually get some decent ones. Then I give the 40^ or below to people who want them.
  9. I have one! My Great great grandfather passed it to my great grandfather, then my great grandfather passed it on to my grandfather, then my grandfather passed it on to my father, and..now its mine! You never seise to amaze me xD.
  10. I'm bored and want to lvl up my TWR squire. Anyone else want to join me?
  11. Yes, it did. I checked it and was trying to get him to trade it for something.
  12. Excuse me dead, we went over this. Our tower squire was lvl 78, obviously had more then 200 tower health. You wren't following the rules, you were the bodyguard but you weren't defending JK you were just going around killing things, so I don't know why you didn't get disqualified. Oh and his crysnife had 158^. It was the whole teams fault because there was no communication, you guys did not listen to anything I had to say. I was trying to help. You guys disappoint me. Trying to play it on others, when you were part of the problem.
  13. Whooo is it. So pumped, I just want to knooooow. Please classic. Just tell us.
  14. Officially disappointed. Been almost four hours, only three people who didn't get an ultimate defender, myself included. I worked my butt off to get this event item. D:< (oh, this is the-notorious-bk)
  15. he is on ps3 in the us i am his girlfriend
  16. I've been doing giraffe runs on EASY and have been getting a lot 90 plus upgrade giraffes. c: Makes me happy.
  17. :C I'm seriously going to cry D:< I'll miss you. I love doing aquanos with you ): & beating boss rush in 5 minutes ;DD
  18. I'll admit that it was never easy to do assualt for me but once i got my shai hulud (118^ btw) It was easy I'd be able to do it in less then a minute.
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