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  1. I honestly don't think it makes a difference. Like I Misty on Easy and get 70^ - 110^ giraffes most of the time. But I haven't really done any other maps on survival/ pure strat. so I don't know
  2. lol we were just playing lol xD ugh I can't just put xD it's too "short" :C
  3. Ooh a girl that plays. Here come the drooling nerd swarms!... Lol. Kidding! :p You can add me though if you want. I farm daily and have a tight group. TH3H1V3 Ok !! Yea, I get that sometimes. I mean video games are my thing, I don't know why people find it so "strange" xD
  4. We were just playing O_o But we don't play together as much as we used to o.o
  5. I need some more people that I can play DD with. I used to play with Slushiiie a bunch but now only now and then. xD Sooooooooo anyone wanna be my new DD buddy :3
  6. People don't generally like DPS squire.. I don't know why but they don't . I don't care if you are a DPS or towers. If you can hold up your side of the map in a game or help out a good deal I won't care. But a lot of DPS squires only do like 4-7k and I do a lot of insane+ stuff.
  7. You should try the console side of the forums... I hear they're very lively XD But I'm not asking to talk about DD console shiiiiiit, so I came to off-topic where I once always was.
  8. He was building? Yea id hv insta kicked him. Well maybe not on labs but yea that type of behavior shouldn't be encouraged Whats so bad about lower lvls building? They need to learn what are good builds/what are not.. I' understand if it was just random building and it wasn't needed but I mean come on xD
  9. People don't generally like DPS squire.. I don't know why but they don't .
  10. I'm here in ICT. I'm suprised this site isn't blocked because of me yet :3 This i show I spend my time because I get my work finished in the first ten minutes of class. You guys, entertain me.. Talk to meee.
  11. Nope, pretty sure it's only for pc.
  12. For me its rare to even get a 50+ whatever for 74 except mage staffs those seem to go down to like level 45. Guess trendy loves apps. This just makes me wanna get an official answer of how many upgrades are actually possible to get, we can always assume but its annoying not knowing Really 45^ for app. staffs? I got a 157^ oculus for 74 xD. And before that was a 75^ undying rod.
  13. Didn't know they were holding anymore events. o.o
  14. I actually did get one of my skittles from a friend, so it could be true.
  15. The highest I've found is 68^ is sucks I've done alch. lab so many times D:
  16. I don't have enough patience to even do more then 2 runs or morrago, especially in a public game. Seems like people don't know hoow to look at their maps and get the gin and orges or to repair stuff. But yea, I check immediately after.
  17. I'm always on except for the three hours that I'm at school. But yeaaa ; Pepsimaniak is my psn.
  18. Ask Slooshi, I've played aquanos with him and we've beat it really easy on insane
  19. I haven't seen anyone with a 100^ or higher donkey. I myself have one but it's like 31^.
  20. I rarely ever experience any lag, with the exception of the laggy weapons. It could possibly be your connection that is causing the issue. But like I said to slooshi it has been just recently. I used to never lag or anything.
  21. join the club I try everything, resetting the game, resetting my system, and nothing really works.
  22. Just get a wired connection if you can it helps a lot. I haven't had a problem till recently. I tried for like 45 minutes to get into my friends tavern. And I JUST got in. D:
  23. This game, is so laggy I just don't know what to do. When people send me invites, sometimes, it just boots me to the menu screen. I want to play with friends but how can I if I can't join their taverns. I'm getting so frustrated with all the things wrong with this game.
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