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  1. I'm always on Mulisk ; but I usually only host my own games.. For some reason.. I just don't like joining other peoples taverns.
  2. I mean come on. I had a kid, maybe 12, come in my lobby while I was playing misty with my boyfriend. I happened to say I love you a couple times to him. And this little kid calls me a ***? I told him that wasn't very nice and that it wasn't true since I am infact a girl. Then he goes and says the my voice sounds like a little kids. Ok, I get it. I have a high voice, but oh wait.. I'm a girl!? He then continues on about how I am a guy and a *** indeed. It got to the point where my boyfriend started to yell at him, I then just decided to kick him. Why are people so rude? Who taught these kids to
  3. 1. Dungeon Defenders 2. Skyrim 3. Oblivion 4. mw2 5. Two Worlds II
  4. I'm posting from school yeaaaaaaaa! though it's not that impressive. Only class I have is ICT :D Which is computers .-.
  5. I could care less about ps4. I heard the price is going to be ridiculously high. I love the ps3 so :P
  6. I'll be home in about an hour, I'll message you on psn when I get home.
  7. Yeah I did too...is it everyone on PSN, just PLUS members, or something else? I'm a ps+ member and I didn't receive anything. Maybe it's for purchasing a certain amount of things for the playstation store.
  8. this is why trendy added the kick button :P And I use it quite often. LMFAO
  9. Whats the point of trying to dupe someone if your just going to tell them its duped, lol No. They asked me to dupe MY items .-. Like whhhhyyyyy get your own D:
  10. Ok, I'll add you when I get home from class. I don't usually farm since I can't find anyone interesting to do it.. It gets quite boring when you do it yourself, ya know.
  11. Someone just openly asked me if they cloud dupe me 136^ shaitan. Do people seriously think this is acceptable? I wish I hadn't deleted the messages and reported them. I'm just so sick of this. I think this is why I don't even trade. I trade petty things with friends.. Like 70-80^ armor for a 120^ shai or something. But that's about it. I can't trust people, and I find that kind of ridiculous.
  12. My boyfriend plays with me, though he "says" he's getting bored of the game and only plays because it means spending time with me. XD.
  13. Just wait til you hit legal drinking age, thats where you cash in being female. I don't see how me being female has anything to do with my friend helping me out.. Well, I get what you are saying but I don't think me being a girl had anything to do with him giving a good crysknife.
  14. My friend formulation (I think that's how you spell it) gave me a 137^ crysknife last night for my tower squire ;') I love my friends. Aha ;P
  15. What you didn't like my mm build? :p Your towers are better then mine so I can't use just mostly auras and traps xD lol
  16. Lol, I thought it was actually fun the way you build mistymire. Made the map more fun to play. Thanks for not kicking me .-. Why would I kick you? xD You are fun to play with :3
  17. LOL, I bet its real hard to make friends when you boot everyone. BTW, that was the worst mistymire build I have ever seen! Seriously. You might have been trying to giving me advice, but my build worked. Only in wave 10-12 did it get hit( barely only when one harpoon would go down because of spiders) . But we made it through. And I also invited my friends to play with me sorry, I kicked you okay? Big deal. Doesn't mean I kick everyone ;* It may have been the worst you've seen but it works for me.
  18. My dps squire can do a good 200k per hit -_- I said a lot not all.. ;DD
  19. Aha my band in middle school, if I remember correctly, were horrible. But good job ^-^
  20. You should try to not avoid the forum censor ;) That wasn't my intention. I just like to put alot of letters into some worrrrrrrds <<< like that xD. I'll edit it if you want ;D.
  21. SAY WHAT !!! I do MM on hard and usually get less than ^64's jaja will try a couple of easy (faster runs) and see the results .... Redvines360 for the most part is completly random. always remember to check the tavern after runs. higher dificulty yields better pets from tavern but map completion is random as off what i have gotten like I said before, and seen from others. Maybe I'm just lucky. But yea it only take like an hour and half maybe 2 hours depending. But I usually put in 3 afk controllers at the end. xD
  22. can't play as much as i will like (got 1 wife worth 10) but i can play for fun and epic fails. chickendude33 Ok I'll be sure to add you. Ya, epic fails are fun x3 just because.
  23. I'll play with you. I feel the same way. I did join your lobby a couple of times when you were doing misty all the way. Yea, I do that alot because I don't see the point of just doing one wave, because it's just super boring having to restart all the time xD.
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