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  1. Because they don't want other people knowing that the game is all hackers now. Honestly, how else are we supposed to know who not to trust. I play private now. I don't trust anyone on the game except my out of game friends that I play with. There is absolutely no way to protect ourselves anymore. I think I might actually stop playing this game. It's getting way out of hand.
  2. I usually do some school work, since I take classes online. Or sometimes I'll do a giraffe run on medium or hard and take the infinite build time off & go to my two classes at my school and come back and I'm probably at wave 15/16/17 depending. I haven't farmed anything in a while though.
  3. I only play private games with friends that I know wouldn't do that. Seeing as they only play because it's the only online game we can play together xD And even if I do public games. I don't have my stuff out on display. If they want something they can ask if I have it. I usually don't trade though...
  4. All my friends on DD had really good resistance armor but since I didn't they said to just use my invisibility. Assassins are the only thing for me to really worry about, though my skittles usually takes care of them. Once I start playing again I'll probably try to find some good resistance armor :P
  5. I was excited a little about DD2, until I found out it won't be for consoles. Trendy doesn't have enough time for us, or enough patience. I feel like ps3 users are some of their most dedicated players. I've been playing DD for over a year now and even though a lot of older plays quit I'm still here because I really like the game. But the fact that Trendy doesn't even want to try with consoles makes me sad. Maybe if the next generation consoles blah blah blah. I'm not going to pay hundreds of dollars on a new console. I love my ps3, Ugh. Sorry this is more like a rant. I'm just so disappointed in Trendy is all. Seeing as there is still a lot wrong with DD on the ps3 with glitches and lagging. :l I'm still loyal to Trendy but I don't think I'm going to buy any pc games from them just because they have other customers on other platforms that they really don't care about.
  6. with getting the last four trophies she needs :D?
    I need;
    Master Mind : Master strategist Award (need most maps xD)
    Think Skin : Reached Survival wave 20
    Dare Devil: Skin of your teeth on 6 missions.
    Defense is the best offense: Wave 10 pure strat all maps

    SO does anyone wanna help ;DDD.
    I'd be most grateful.
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