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  1. I was an old time defender and one of my friends told me an event was happening. I kinda feel "nooby" now. I barely know my way around the new website and how I haven't been on DD since 6-7 months. If someone can tell me the new event, that would be much appreciated. I have signed up and don't know the rules/map
  2. Not me. It's the same game every year. When I dropped $100 on the hardened edition and MW3 Elite was broken for the first three months, I didn't pay them with a broken $100 bill. No. Just, no. "Foo, you are my favorite forum poster. That is all." - Classic22 Mw3 was the worst game ever, (even though i still got to 20th prestige) the spawns are still bad and not fixed. I think I wasted 100$ too. But NFS most wanted has got me into raceing all of a sudden. Yu should try it :P
  3. Master zombie killer here! I'm waiting patiently for it... I usually get around waves 30(no cheats/glitches) before i get bored. I've played wayyyy too much... I will personally buy BO2 only for my lovely zombies. Yu guys should add me xP and me to Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst. Add me. Ima professional xD Same but I usually keep going to 35 (4 player co-op) campaign on Der reise :) Do you or simon have Need For Speed Most Wanted. Great racing game btw.
  4. oh yea I forgot to mention why I'm not going to another midnight release in my life! :p I'm a very very impatient guy! My first ever midnight release was for MW3 and that was my last! I tell you man! That sh*t was crazy! People jumping around over one game! Than when I got home with the game I slid it in my disc tray, the main menu came up... I was so disappointed and turned the game off and went to sleep! lolNot at toys'R'us. xD Theres only like 10 ppl when u get there at 12
  5. I pre-ordered it but I'm most defiantly not going to the midnight release at all. Now there are 2 reasons why I'm getting Black ops 2. 1. ZOOOMMMBBBIEESSS 2. I love the Call of Duty Story lines! They never let me down. Now the multiplayer. Well Call of Duty Multiplayer has been bad since Black Ops. In my opinion the best Multiplayer lies within MW2. But either than that. I heard Zombies will actually be more than just a mini game in this one so I'm seriously excited for this release! Midnight release is the best xD. Get to lvl up before most ppl. hahah.
  6. Buy the new one... LOL Only if I could go to the store rite now .
  7. Its ridicoulus, I turn on the system, but the tv cant see the screen. Ugh
  8. Honestly, I have to disagree with everyone posting/talking trash about Black Ops 2. It's supply and demand folks. If you don't like their game, don't buy it. But they'll keep making money off other people who do enjoy the games they produce. Call of Duty: Black Ops was my first Call of Duty game I have ever played and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Now, while they can't just simply re-write a whole new game engine for each game they make, they do their best (or shall I assume). Everyone has their opinions, but to put-down a game and hate on it before you have even played it is
  9. All these aspects are true. but cod has jus been a game throughout my childhood.
  10. Whos going to the black ops 2 midnight release? :D I am.
  11. The majority of them I see leaving dd, play it all the TIME beforehand. Just because you are trying something else doesn't mean you have to quit cold turkey, and give out all your items too. Pretty much guaranteeing you won't return. The whole idea just seems wrong. Well that was my criticism on quitters. I know!
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