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  1. so want to know what is the best weapon for each of the classes to look out for.
  2. Some of these concerns will be addressed in today's Jester Sneak Peek livestream. (5 p.m. to 7 p.m. EDT.) aww man, why you have to tease us ):
  3. YAY it's the 7th, jester tomorrow guys! ;p
  4. well for me it's 1 day pretty much? you do mean the 8th of august, I doubt a mightnight release cause for example when orcs must die 2 came out,on 30th of july , it past mightnight and it says on they page this game will unlock in 15 hours.
  5. so it's nearly the 7th of august here in the uk, in just under 3 hours, so what can we expect? midnight release? morning? evening? night? who knows me for one is pimped playing the jester :D hope it has a male outfit. P.S it's meant to be out on the 8th of august
  6. Newborn, you really need to stop flaming right now. you do know what flaming is right? this isn't.
  7. lol. hard to tell a joke from the internet. " but since you're totally rude" someone sounds mad no, but you're mad.
  8. I choose not to play with high graphics; why are you being such a **** about it? I like the clean and simple look. Andy, you do know I was joking you right? calm down but since you're totally rude with my joke I will stick with the toaster now.
  9. Hater. I like my high FPS. This game doesn't need epic graphics. I don't play for graphics. without it high in settings it looks so dull and depression ): but I totally understand you play on your toaster :PXD
  10. verify integrity of game files in the properties menu in your steam library if restarting game doesn't work. starts up fine for me. lol at low settings :D
  11. my online button works... sucks to be you lol
  12. there's only 2 reasons for a greyed out button.. You was banned, or todo with the servers being down, what I don't think is the case.
  13. also you say you keep falling off things when attacking? you must have auto target mobs... turn it off in options.
  14. you! poop head o; mine only has 263!
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