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  1. I must say I'm pretty sad sitting at 120 tokens without being able to buy any spheres with tokens anymore :(
  2. Offtopic: do I have any way to check which maps have I cleared? I have wave 25 on "highest wave" in my stats in tavern on all maps but I haven't received the achievement yet. Guess I have died on last wave on some map. Any ideas? Don't particularly look forward to play them all again.
  3. I too, can't host games, private nor public. I can join some games but not most of them. Kind of annoying yes :) EDIT: Integrity check replaced 3 files, no effect on hosting / joining EDIT2: Firewall status ON/OFF doesn't affect hosting / joining EDIT3: The -tcp launch from Tech Support FAQ solved it for me.
  4. I've had a problem in survival mode where monsters stop spawning. When this happens, suspiciously, the shown total amount of monsters on the wave is always roughly twice the normal amount and spawning ends roughly at normal spawn amounts. Since there are no monsters on the field no suicides happen and the game is stuck. I've tried waiting for half an hour or so to no avail. This has happened at least twice on Aquanos insane hardcore mixed mode (don't remember waves) and now also on Servants Quarters nightmare hardcore mixed mode wave 18. I first encountered this problem less than a week ago. Screenshot of the latest incident:
  5. I had some problems too with NMHC summit after copters. My stats are very much like yours, just below 2k. After the most recent copter nerfs I was able to complete it solo with the same Kandar's build as before: http://ddplanner.com/?l=5662,kandar-the-summit-survival-mix-mode-wave-30 This of course would require an apprentice but you might get some help nevertheless. I started with buffed deadly strikers then added fireballs and auras. Summon some minions to south ledge and beside top crystal to help with airborne ogres. With the minions you can skip the walls on top crystal and save DU to build towers to kill the dragon. Since you don't need a dps hero to kill the dragon I used the same apprentice builder. I built one magic missile to each ballista site facing right and top landings and one fireball to shoot left landing. Just hit the dragon with a ballista and return to crystals and let the towers do the job. Replace any destroyed towers and repeat. Hope this helps :)
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