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  1. I mostly solo so I tend to advance when i can win at least 2 rounds in the higher level. I recently returned (after the shards were introduced I took a long break) and i find the progression a little slow, but not terribly slow. Between the assassins and the cyborks, I have found the jump to 5 hardest so far. I wouldn't start jumping into public games until I could solo at least a few rounds. Public games have stronger mobs than solo; I would hate having everyone lose, because I wasn't ready. I played a ton of public DD1 and Eternity, but DD2 has been largely solo. I find the public games to be a little heavy on the leaches.
  2. I'm recently returned from a long hiatus and I really like all the hard counter mobs. The old game got so boring. All you had to do was look on the forums, build what was popular, and win. People would reach end game so fast and only one style of build was used. Seems like every chaos level I have to rethink what is working and what is not working. It's pretty fun. I have a few work friends that also play and they are having fun with the difficulties of advancing. Even when we lose while learning new chaos levels, it's fun. I normally don't bother posting here, but I want Trendy to know some people like the game harder. I literally have every type of tower available and I want the chance to use them all. I would encourage Trendy to keep going. I have great memories of the first time spiders or the sharken were introduced and they broke everything. Later their threat was removed due to nerfing and higher gear levels, but they were fun when everyone said they were broken. Sometimes I think fixed = boring.
  3. Dude, you need Monks. I play almost completely solo. I lost a few rounds to the SR, while playing with things that worked and some that didn't. I read a few posts by Zimmermann and he extolled the virtues of the DPS monk. This DPS can rip a SR apart. The monk was always one of my favorite chars. Right now his LAs are a little under powered, but the Serenity makes higher level play much easier. With the regen, exploding minions, and the DPS boost from the orbs, you have to level one. It's free, just do it. You can't say you tried everything, if you don't even have a monk ;-)
  4. Thanks for the info Zimmermann. I had an underused Monk DPS that I had not bothered using since the Gun Witch was introduced. I had all the gear kinda laying around that I needed to make a medium monk. Not perfect, but definitely able to beat the Siege Roller. I play mostly solo and I just use some extra walls to make one of the tanks wait while I slowly tear the back off the first one. I can see that when I get all Damage and Crit gear that this will be pretty easy. I'm enjoying the challenge; it's been a while since this game was hard. I came home from work the other day and my son told me that the new mini boss was too tough to beat. Since he is too young to be on a forum, I'll take all the credit for figuring it out ;-)
  5. And this won't last. It used to be LAs and water traps that had everyone up on arms, then really fast harps, then Archers, now it's PDTs. They will nerf these too and the next good build will be found. I'm sure it already exists. With Proton Beams almost any build could work, because they are awesome Crowd Control. I'm just glad the game can be soloed, because I hate most pub games and making friends is time consuming ;-)
  6. Eh I hope you are right. I would love to see established players get something of value. ANHOR Trust me even I chuckled. I'm seen as the resident Ogre on here at times, but even I can laugh at myself. Hell I even liked the comment. Touché Dani. You're Mr. Unappeasable Zim is Mr. Stubborn I'm Mr. I still want Narwhagon not this imitation crap Different Zim I hope. I rarely post other than to supply the definition of the word "meta" once in a great while. I just came to read the pet nerf rants. ;-)
  7. Wow, so quick! What is the fastest way to pick up levels? It's been a while since I leveled a toon from 0. I usually level petsin Onslaught, but I thought it has terrible hero XP.
  8. What, they nerfed the Narwhagon already. I hadn't even killed an ogre with it yet ;-) I guess it's best I never learned how awesome it was. Saves me from feeling its loss. Getting nerfed makes me feel like Charley in Flowers for Algernon, well except for the part where I am stupid at the end. [[31834,users]] I too have a Monk DPS and I want him to be great so bad, but he isn't ;-(
  9. I'm on the fence about purchasing the Collectors kit for my son. I bought into early access before the game came to steam and I purchased the Collector's kit for myself too. I have so many gems, but sadly my son needs more slots and costumes. I am a huge supporter of Trendy and their game. I'm not sure if I am into another $50 worth of support. That said, playing with my son is a blast and he went through the Halloween costume pack gems pretty quickly. I know a lot of people complain about the Alpha nature of the game, but I feel that has added to my value. I've played several evolutions of the game and had my stuff and characters wiped. Each wipe has brought quiet cursing for the loss, but I jump back in and restore my gear pretty quickly. I have 600+ hours into this game already with something like $75 dollars spent. I spent $25 dollars on Batman: Arkham Asylum and only spent 25 hours playing it. This makes DD2 seem pretty cheap ;-)
  10. Yes, that would make it much easier! ;-) Would they mail us the ribbons or would they be decorations on our characters in game? They should make a participation award set of accessories. I do love the "The Monthly is too hard" posts. Great whining and funny responses.
  11. I often feel that I am in the quiet majority around here. I like the game. I don't play public a lot, because the kick mechanics are not good and you know... people. I played well over 2500 hours of DD1 and then another 300+ on DDE. I am glad this game is different. DDE is very similar to DD1, but too easy. I also play 2500 hours of the first and want to move on ;-) There seems to be a lot of long term memory issues with DD1. It changed a lot since it was first created. It rolled out with like 13 maps, there was no NM at all, and the gear all sucked or so it seemed. Every change on the way to becoming the final version of DD1 was tough. Each change broke some balance and the maps had to get progressively harder to account for the ever improving gear. Finding the best gear in game was a huge slog until Lab Runs made Ultimate gear easy to get. Before that, I knew a lot of people that had traded their way to maxed out Ult sets, but not a lot who had actually found a full awesome set.  The DD1 community was pretty good at letting the developers know when things fell out of balance. This community can be supportive and constructive or it can be like the DDE community. I for one trust the developers and feel that I have already gotten my early access moneys worth out of it. I say to them, "Make a great game, surprise me with awesome".
  12. Nope, that's pretty believable. Don't forget the Huntress DPS. That is the basic DD2 build at the moment. They will rebalance something and it will change. I change things around, but I do gravitate back to this.
  13. Hi, not to revive this unnecessarily, but I didn't receive my Bearkira from the wipe. I did get one from finishing the second/reset monthly, but not the one from getting my progress wiped. I met all the criteria. Seems that posting here seems to get the issue fixed ;-)
  14. I have Elemental Chaos, Lighting Strikes Aura, and Stickynades. They are all great. I'm just saving the rest of my tokens for better ubers to come along. I might try the Betsy pet just to burn some up, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.
  15. It's called Random for a reason. ;-) A good piece with tower stats and passives takes forever to find, because that is the point of the game. Sure we save the Eternia thingies or whatever, but really it's a loot chase. Good loot takes time. Put in 300 - 500 hours and see where you are. This concept killed Dungeon Defenders Eterneria. There were other issues, but once matched gear was introduced the game could be crushed in a few weeks. By the time I got bored with it, I could play the hardest survival levels completely AFK. I get that the climb to NM4 can be frustrating, but it's fun. Don't make me bust out the old "Enjoy the journey" crap, be seriously enjoy the journey. I have hundreds of hours into this game, because I like the challenge... and they took all my stuff away a couple times ;-)
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