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  1. Do they ever deal any damage or give significant effects/stat boosts?
  2. I'm waiting for new 3 month leagues to start in Path of Exile at 21st of this month :3
  3. Why do people nowadays censor the last digits of stats/value of an item? To prevent hackers from gaining this info.. =D?
  4. Where do you get so cool guards? Random reward maps like Tavern Defense, Akatiti jungle, Boss rush can award them as rewards.
  5. Are there many of what? Personally I've never ran into the problem of hosts kicking at last wave, it's usually right away or not at all (unless you **** around or go AFK or something~~)
  6. ^ O well, makes sense considering the map otherwise~~
  7. Sadly not owning a machine capable of translating these fellas and I'm damn curious.. What/where does the QR code in Akatiti lead :c? If no want spoiler, someone could just PM it to me :3
  8. I have 1.2k hours and ain't got any ulti armor pieces =(
  9. That "DDplanner" link you edited to yer post goes to the "links to Guides" topic in this same subforum :c Am I just missing something or did you accidentally paste the wrong link :c?
  10. I was suprised at it - didn't think they could. It's not that bad for a beginner too. Even ultimates can/(could) drop at least on Sky city campaign.
  11. Failing on Easy difficulty means you're doing something horribly wrong. Like, HORRIBLY WRONG.
  12. >Use a mac to play games >Demand money back when games won't work >???? >Profit
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