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  1. also, having an afk summoner (preferrably yours, so your minions get some dmg increase) you can phase shift him once the bosses arrive and just walk around and flash heal
  2. just to let everyone know: STS with 3 or less ranged starting dmg cannot be upgraded in ranged.
  3. oh wow, i did not see that one coming :D
  4. As I won't have the chance to log on until the weekend probably, you will have to do with this old screenie I found on my profile. The hat is the one, as I've had it ever since WW came out..
  5. may i ask what color is the hat? I'll get you a screenie when I log on the next time.
  6. Hey guys finally replaced this monstrosity of a hat (I really dislike their looks :( ), so this one is up for grabs! accepting: cubes (or equivalent in coal 7 ) bidding starts at 2 cubes, increments in 1 cube CO: BO: TBA Running roughly 2 days, depending on bids. Will specify end later.
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