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  1. Would these weapons be worth anything anymore? I Have: Fang of the Queen Forests Sorrow Suspended essence Gassamer Sharpshooter 2x Just wana know if people are still collecting these
  2. Idk if this counts but i got a 137 overlord charge thats fun to use lol
  3. i talked to him a bit when i was in his lobby and he did say he was going to keep some of his stuff, because he still might come on from time to time, so it sounds to me like he's not completely going to leave the gameWhat he said...i kept my app's dps set and my squire's 173 triton and my fairy so if i ever wana get on to play w/friends i got something to use
  4. I'll take "some random 78 gear" if you still have any left. And any good staff/huntress weapon for 78 would be much appreciated. Thanks! will be on l8er
  5. I know you said you've given all your tower gear away, but I'll check just in case you have some pieces laying around. Tower Squire gear (pristine armour Lvl 90), a tower squire weapon and tower leather armour for Lvl 83? Any tower pristine helm would probably be an upgrade from what I currently have. Am using a 75^ helm and he's lvl 90... lol Have had absolutely horrible luck trying to farm for a good pristine helm or finding someone that has one to trade. I should be on most of today so just send an invite whenever if you have anything that you think I could use :) PSN: Duncan_MccGave
  6. I have given all my tower gear to friends Squire set-eyoeyoeyo huntress-proiamkilla 228 rod-fenimoe I have left: Monks gear 110+^ plate armour set 350/910/127/178-heer29 DPS 199^ junbao 15k+ base-Rangerz-Bert laser robot 100% LEGIT-Anjmorin2010 some random 78 gear-Random people 98^ soul focuser-Anjmorin2010 dps resist set for 83-Bewfyboy 72^ genie-Robthealien Just post your psn and what you might need
  7. Got a 173 triton from campring few months ago 15.5k base
  8. Well they don't need you mooching off of em lol why would you expect to stay if it's the last wave? and a mic works too
  9. idk i just came back on this game 2 days ago and there is almost no one on my friends list on it anymore i don't see rveetis,gamerjunkee,infinete,trip,dbkilin,vinaluna,yogazny,jkpop,ninjoe,twinmethod,funnyfunkycow on itThey all quit except for db and vina
  10. The only thing that effects RNG is time RNG is based of seconds until midnight so it therotically pays to play at the right time
  11. I heard you can play the game and get good stuff anyway
  12. How about you Mind your business? o_O its a GAME
  13. i say everyone in this topic duped me. so now everyone is on the list right? lmao, come on ppl.killer
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