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  1. I had switched out gear earlier in the day and had placed my Ultimate Steam saw in my inventory. Upon looking for it later it was gone. I had sold trash items earlier and noticed my mana was up to the 600,000,000 max. The saw had never been unlocked though, Is there anyway it could have been sold? My only explanation could potentially be the lag the caused both of my roommates to be booted from my game earlier in the day. Is there anyway I can learn what happened? *My locked items keep becoming unlocked when I send them back to my item box. This has never happened before and I think now is t
  2. And this is why the few people who do have the achievement should have it removed... that got it through a bug and I bet no one has it legit yet. This ^^
  3. Awesome, so it went from kind of possible to F!#$ Y*%. So much sad :(.
  4. They fixed it so you can start at wave 17 again, or they fixed it so you start at wave 13 all the time?
  5. Can no longer start on wave 17? Still only 86 minutes? WHYUDOTHIS?
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