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  1. i can't test whether there are games or not then, guessing steam mac version might be ore popular, but can't confirm that Cipher
  2. *boots up mac* many games on mac showing up here, i don't have the app store version though, Hitmonchan are they cross compatible (app store and steam) ? Cipher ps been quite busy with exams/3D project and Drawing project, sorry for not replying sooner
  3. ^aproximately the same one i use, i just make a triple stack at south crystal though (so only shock str and speed instead of 3 shock and 2 str) allows me to place down a bunch of infernos/proxies dealing with trash mobs much quicker Cipher ps depends on your aura size though
  4. @zoogie alright nvm then :p @jemmajule i'm no achievement hunter, if i get one.. well.. then i got it, but i don't really care for them, they don't add anything to the game IMHO, so whatever the daredevil one is, i must've not done it in my regular dungeon defenders time (the only one i went for was the cube one (trasncendence?) which i did, simply for the cube) Cipher
  5. euhm.... they unlocked fine for me... point of interest; didn't complete the map until the patch/fix was released (too busy in with life) so might be that the kismet event isn't getting triggered for those that already completed it before the fix ;) Cipher
  6. ^yup, did it, was a blast :D definitely recommend it, it's hard though, stupid tarantulas, let alone the golden ones <.<*looks at darkpython*>.> but do-able :) Cipher
  7. Steam ID: apple_guy Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020545811/ Partner: don't have one, friend doesn't want to ;( Day: monday (preferably in the afternoon/evening GMT+1 +1 hour DST) (or now, if it's still going) Cipher
  8. found a new one Issue; Player names constantly flickering Description; when in a game, the green player names above the players are constantly flickering and sometimes the characters themselves (skelly meshes) flicker as well Fix/Workaround; N/A Cipher
  9. edge of the buff no? and sometimes further back so they don't get stuck behind corners and move freely when the gas trap needs to reset aah i don't know, they just bother me, so i just excluded them from my threat list with minion walls :p Cipher ps don't wanne hijack the thread, but think we are ^^
  10. @crzyrandom mmmmmmmmhm i here you, but for some reason, i have this ****ty luck, where they all fly through triple stack auras/gas traps/bowling balls, yet *****es sharken my physical walls on morrago, same deal on aqua... and tally...and karathiki...and... i'll just stop... (3K stats on auras...) am i lucky or am i lucky? -_- as for stuff glitching through the minion walls, have that very rarely (when king's game got patched first time it happened a lot) but hasn't happened since Cipher
  11. meeh, ditched physical walls, kept getting too frustrated when they get sharkened, now sticking with minion walls gas traps or enrage auras :) Cipher
  12. imo; - do not upgrade the accessories unless you have an excessive amount of mana - try finding a better "wall rod" it's great, but there's better out there, hop into morrago with a mage and farm some bloodshots (they usually have great stats, using a mythical one with overcapped stats :D) or do another map you can farm easily (aquanos/misty don't find sky to be dropping good apprentice builder weeps) - the crested, is not a tower weapon (imo), but if you really plan on upping resist, you might be able to use it, but note that the EV doesn't get the boost for having an active player
  13. o_O we're about to start trading near perfect genies or what? xD dang nice find, gratz! Cipher
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