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  1. hey slooshi if its cool with you i would love the laser robot, psn same as username X_DiscoPanda_X. thanks
  2. pulled a 145^ for 78, 142^for 78, and 75^ for 74 on one run with 4 controllers on medium
  3. my 80^ oversized ogre party hat for 78 its still clean too haha
  4. I would love to play DD on my computer currently playing on ps3. would be awesome if i got a code, believe me id put it to good use i play a bunch on ps3 haha thank you
  5. sorry not looking to trade it i like it a lot just posted to compaare and yeah thanks HoneyHEAD-710 for letting me trade you for it lol
  6. Whats the best/highest ^ party hat youve ever seen or owned. just curious cuz i traded for one that i thought was pretty cool. it was incredibly oversized with 80^ and started with 347 base damage for lv 78. just wanna know how that compares to other party hats cuz honestly this one blew my mind lol. thank you
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